Silver Trail Distillery


The most simple and pure ingredients come together with expert craftsmanship to make an absolutely legendary moonshine. Silver Trail Distillery is a Western Kentucky Moonshine history lesson. From the 1947 LBL (Land Between the Lakes) Map to the custom made copper still designed by uncle Casey Jones to Spencer’s dad’s legendary moonshine running story as detailed on The Discovery Channel to a worldwide audience. Spencer’s grandfather’s recipe dates to the 1920’s and has won the Gold Medals for best taste in SIP competition for 2012 & 2013. You can find the full story here

Great Grandfather Cilous’ Moonshine Sippin Ritual

Take a small sip, don’t shoot it.. and keep your lips closed. With your lips still closed, swish gently then let it ease down. When it is down to the navel level, open your lips slowly while exhaling.

There will be a fresh corn taste on both sides of the mouth and no bitter aftertaste.

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