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Moonshine University: Fermentation Workshop

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Moonshine University: Fermentation Workshop

16octAll Day17Moonshine University: Fermentation Workshop

Speakers for this event

  • Dr. Patrick Heist

    Dr. Patrick Heist

    Chief Scientific Officer, Ferm Solutions and Wilderness Trail Distillery

    Dr. Heist is well known in the fuel and beverage ethanol industries for his problem solving skills relative to the microbiology and biochemistry of fermentation. Heist currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer for Ferm Solutions based in Danville, Kentucky, a provider of fermentation products and technical support to the fuel and beverage ethanol industries.

    Dr. Heist and his research team collaborate with industrial and academic partners on projects relating to controlling bacteria during ethanol production, antibiotic resistance, and yeast strain selection and improvement. Ferm Solutions recently expanded its operations and formed Wilderness Trail Distillery, which produces a variety of craft-distilled spirits including bourbon, vodka and rum.

    Chief Scientific Officer, Ferm Solutions and Wilderness Trail Distillery

Event Details

Fermentation is the conversion of sugars into alcohol. In the spirits business, alcohol is synonymous with money, which means the success of your finished product will rely on the efficiency of your fermentation process. This course shows students how to perfect that process, covering a variety of key fermentation considerations and best practices.

Take your product to the next level with this in-depth examination of the fermentation process with one of the country’s leading specialists, Dr. Pat Heist of Wilderness Trail Distillery and Ferm Solutions.

In this course, we’ll explore everything from the microbiology and cultivation of yeast, to the stages of its life cycle, paying special attention to how different variables affect the quality and consistency of fermentation in spirits production. Students will leave this course with an extensive understanding of the fermentation process, including how to obtain the optimal yield from every set and how to appropriately address any fermentation challenges that arise.

For more information, visit the course page.

Early Bird Special: Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from Day 1 to the last day of class. The Early Bird deadline is 3 weeks before the first day of class.

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Day 1:

  • Fermentation overview
  • Feedstock (sources of sugar) and associated factors
  • Milling and how it relates to fermentation
  • Cooking and conversion
  • Sweet mash versus sour mash
  • Saccharification
  • Microbiology of yeast and methods for propagation
  • Fermentation ingredients and limiting factors
  • Biochemistry of fermentation (how yeast makes ethanol)
  • Monitoring fermentation (testing methods)
  • Equipment
  • Sanitation

Day 2:

  • Cultivation and consistency of yeast
  • Outside variables effecting the fermentation
  • Bacterial fermentation
  • Infections of fermentation
  • Troubleshooting the fermentation
  • Lab specs and micro of the fermentation

Learning Outcomes

  • Observation of the three stages of the yeast cycle (respiration, fermentation, sedimentation)
  • Pitch their own fermentation to observe later during the course
  • Observing and lab specs on a known fermentation started previous to course
  • Yeast counting, viability and budding observations
  • Troubleshooting/diagnosing known contaminated fermentations

“If you have too much sugars left over after fermentation, it’s like payin’ too much for breakfast: You got ripped off.” -Dr. Pat Heist, Chief Scientific Officer at Ferm Solutions, Wilderness Trail Distillery, Esteemed Faculty Member at Moonshine University, Bio-Chem Humorist and Speaker of Truths

Tuition: $1,495 USD

About Moonshine University

Founded in 2012, Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery. Our facility was created from the ground up to teach new distillers how to get started in the industry, and to teach professional team members how to elevate key aspects of their craft and boost sales. Combining classroom instruction with practical, hands-on learning and sensory training, Moonshine University attracts people from all over the world, ensuring every attendee leaves with a complete and comprehensive education and skill set applicable to a variety of spirits and industry related areas.

In 2013, The Kentucky Distillers’ Association made Moonshine University their exclusive education provider. With the support of some of the industry’s leading institutions and distilleries, you can be sure that taking a class at Moonshine University will be worth the investment.

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Moonshine University

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october 16 (Monday) - 17 (Tuesday) EST


Moonshine University, Louisville, KY

Distilled Spirits Epicenter, 801 South 8th Street, Louisville, KY 40203, United States

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