Associate Beverage Architect – Flavorman



R&D Technician

Reporting to: Director, Beverage Architect
Department: R&D

Summary: To provide a comprehensive support role for the Product Development Department assisting in lab projects, operations, and maintenance.

Required Skill Set: Food and beverage background, highly proficient in mathematics, organized, time-bound, skilled in customer service, competent in written and verbal communication, able to perform in-depth research and due diligence within the food and beverage industry.

Responsibilities for Food Safety: Raise potential food safety concerns on newly developed products; follow the SQF code

Training Required by Flavorman: GLP, GMP, SQF

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and ship client prototypes in a timely manner; clients will be notified of shipments and expected delivery dates
  • Retrieve supplies from lab warehouse area, ensure the lab stock is well maintained and communicate with supervisor on inventory of operating supplies
  • Perform analytical testing (pH, Brix, TA, CO2) on all samples sent out to clients
    Work on large scale pilot productions for the product development team
  • Perform assigned laboratory tests under supervision of the product development manager
  • Evaluate and analyze new products on the market as they relate to development work, as well as “kitchen recipe” samples sent in by potential clients
  • Research topics as needed, including topics requested by clients, Lab Director, Business
  • Development team, or self-directed to gain understanding of a specific area relating to beverage development.
  • Utilize verbal and written reports to communicate results of research and/or scientific tests completed
  • Perform general laboratory clean up daily, including but not limited to: load and empty dishwashers, clear and clean counters and ingredient shelving, take out garbage and recycling

Job Type: Full-time
Education: Bachelor’s (Preferred)
Location: Louisville, KY (Required)

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