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Southern Tier Distilling Company (“STDC”) was launched in 2017 in Lakewood, New York, and is majority owned by Craft Revolution, LLC d/b/a Artisanal Brewing Ventures. STDC offers a highly regarded portfolio of craft spirits, and has recently launched a line of high-end canned cocktails.

Position Summary

The General Manager for Southern Tier Distilling Company is responsible for all day-to-day operations, sales, and facility management. They will supervise all employees within the company and oversee the office, accepting the responsibility for interviewing, hiring, training, and managing all employees. They will build and drive sales distribution channels to grow sales and increase brand presence within the market. Additionally, the General Manager will take point on collaborating with the shared services team for support, and communicate goals and action plans to the team while guiding them to success. They are responsible for driving quality and efficiency at the distillery.

Reports to: Artisanal Brewing Ventures’ CEO

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee World Class day-to-day business operations
  • Communicate and embody the company vision and values
  • Create a positive and productive working environment by taking an active role in managing and developing staff and making employment decisions for your team
  • Properly identify and delegate the best person(s) for tasks and act as facilitator to motivate and direct work
  • Assess performance and produce plans for improvement as needed, utilizing data and metrics available to measure performance
  • Ensure brand portfolio consistent with desired market positioning
  • Manage profit and loss statements, accounting for costs and revenues
  • Manage distillery equipment and ensure used and maintained effectively
  • Manage and strive to achieve all company objectives in sales, costs, guest service and satisfaction, food quality, cleanliness, and sanitation
  • Responsible for ensuring distillery marketing, advertising, and promotional activities and campaigns match to business objectives
  • Control cash and other receipts by adhering and overseeing all cash handling and reconciliation procedures in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Oversee and abide by all procedures including submitting required paperwork, effectively completing reports, and understanding how best to use those reports to increase revenues and create outstanding guest experiences
  • Schedule labor and ensure all positions are adequately staffed. Make recommendations as necessary based on any business or seasonal changes to effectively meet labor cost objectives
  • Fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county and municipal regulations that pertain to the health, safety and labor requirements of the restaurant, employees and guests
  • Supervise the production of new spirits, including the planning, sourcing of materials, scheduling or production runs, and managing production
  • Provide all administrative responsibilities accurately and on time to business partners
  • Provide leadership to remote sales team, offering goals, training, and feedback for World Class performance
  • Build, communicate, execute, and review sales and marketing initiatives with (STDC) Sales Team and Distributor partners
  • Develop new territories for distribution
  • Cultivate and strengthen the critical relationship between Southern Tier and our distributor partners
  • Ensure alignment of pricing strategies throughout selling regions
  • Attend special events, festivals, dinner & tastings as needed
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by leadership


  • 10+ years in similar management capacity, preferably within the spirits or food and beverage industry
  • 5+ years managing others
  • Mastery of budget planning and financial reporting understanding
  • Excellent at building and maintaining business relationships
  • Experience with developing and executing sales and marketing strategies through a team
  • Proven results from developing a brand within new markets
  • Proven strong communicator
  • Proven ability to manage inventory
  • Knowledge of distilling and/or serious interest in understanding the industry
  • Results-driven and energetic
  • Willing to wear multiple hats within the lean team
  • Experience with material sourcing, product development, and distilling functions
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to travel up to 60% of the time


  • Possess technology skills including MS Office, Aloha (preferred), and other industry related software
  • Possess excellent basic math skills
  • Previous experience building sales relationships within a distribution channel
  • A basic understanding of financial statements is preferred
  • Other Requirements

Candidate should be able and willing to lift at least 31.5 lbs from ground level to a shelf 50 inches from the floor. The candidate should also be able to move 165 lbs of kegged beer from one location to another by sliding it on the floor.
Selected candidate will be required to pass a post-offer, pre-employment background and driver’s license check.
Adherence to safety policies and procedures of the worksite.
You must be at least 21 years of age.


Strategic Mindset – Anticipates future trends and implications accurately. Readily poses future scenarios. Articulate credible pictures and visions of possibilities that will create sustainable value. Creates competitive and breakthrough strategies that show a clear connection between vision and action.
Decision Quality – Makes sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information. Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgement when making decisions. Considers all relevant factors and uses appropriate decision-making criteria and principles. Recognizes when a quick 80% solution will suffice.
Drives Results – Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.
Ensures Accountability – Follows through on commitments and makes sure others do the same. Acts with a clear sense of ownership. Takes personal responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results. Designs feedback loops into work.
Communicates Effectively – Is effective in a variety of communication settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels. Attentively listens to others. Adjusts to fit the audience and message. Provides timely and helpful information to others across the organization. Encourage the open expression of diverse ideas and opinion.
Drives Vision and Purpose – Talks about future possibilities in a positive way. Creates milestones and symbols to rally support behind the vision. Articulates the vision in a way everyone can relate to. Creates organization-wide energy and optimism for the future. Shows personal commitment to the vision.
Collaborate – Worked cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives. Represents own interests while being fair to others and other areas. Partners with other to get work done. Credits others for their contributions and accomplishments. Gains trust and support of others.
Attracts Top Talent – Attracts and selects diverse and high caliber talent. Finds the right talent to meet the group’s needs. Closes talent gaps with the right balance of internal and external candidates. Is a good judge of talent.
Builds Effective Teams – Forms teams with appropriate and diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and experiences. Establishes common objectives and a shared mindset. Creates a feeling of belonging and strong team morale. Shares wins and rewards team efforts. Fosters open dialogue and collaboration among the team.
Instills Trust – Follows through on commitments. Is seen as direct and truthful. Keeps confidences. Practices what he/she preaches. Shows consistency between works and actions.

Alcohol Responsibility – The candidate must fully understand that they are a representative of not only the company, but of the alcohol beverage industry.  They are to conduct themselves within the limits of the law and with concern to the education of responsible consumption at all times.  This includes working hours, trade shows, festivals and while entertaining in the name of the company or its affiliates.  Any poor reflection or legal matters that may arise due to poor judgment may be dealt with by means of disciplinary action up to and including termination.


This Job Description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks and duties.

Southern Tier Distilling Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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