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What do Balcones, Angel’s Envy and Templeton Rye have in common? ICC Turnkey

We design and build fit-for-purpose distilleries based on top quality European and American stills and highly innovative utility sections including waste water treatment plants. Our clients enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership. Yet quality is never sacrificed while operating costs are kept at an optimum. Our clients know how to distill great spirits. We help them by engineering fittingly great distilleries.

Engineering Lasting Results

Whether you are starting with a blank slate for new construction or retrofitting your distillery into a 100+ year historic building, we can help you design a state of the art distillery with a watchful eye on future expansion.

Connecting the Dots

Typical engineers work through drawings, layouts and P& IDs. That’s great, ICC works in all of the above and SMART 3D (see video below.) This allows clients to see and decide before deploying CAPEX. This also allows the team to optimize, cutting construction time to the bone, ensuring that utilities are not a mere afterthought ensuring ease of operation, eliminating surprises, being well prepared for future expansion, and avoiding collisions – connecting all the dots!

Case Studies

“The ICC team did an excellent job. I have never seen such an efficient team. The collaboration between the investment group, the bourbon makers and the architects designing the building was managed perfectly.” ~ Wes Henderson, COO of Angel’s Envy

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