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Industrial Safety & Training Services offers distilleries cost-effective, solid expertise in safety training, consulting, and management services. ISTS works with distilleries of all sizes from craft spirits startups to the larger heritage distilleries.

Headquarted in the heart of the Bourbon country ISTS has two decades experience working with distilleries across the country and internationally. We make workplaces safer, employees ready, and compliance uncomplicated so you can focus on running your business – making great spirits.

Specialized Training. Safer Workplaces.
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We offer a comprehensive series of basic and advanced safety and training services that address standard and mandated requirements of safety, health and environmental regulatory bodies.

Customized Distillery Safety Training

Our safety training programs are totally customized to address the specific challenges you and your employees face as a distillery. ISTS can provide a complete assessment to identify your training needs and work closely with your staff to establish goals and objectives. Our unique training courses offer a positive, interactive learning environment for your employees.

Tabletop Distillery Incident Management Training 

Industrial Safety & Training Services - Yurtville Classroom Training SimulationIn 1998 Gary Yurt created the City of YurtvilleTM a large 10’ x 20’ tabletop construction that depicts an urban city roadway, railroad, river, industrial park, schools, hospital and several types of businesses. YurtvilleTM provides reality-based incident management scenarios which allows participants to role play, practice group problem-solving, participate in information sharing, and practice decision making.

Confined Spaces Mobile Simulator

Industrial Safety & Training Services - Confined Spaces Rescue SimulatorOur mobile confined spaced simulator is designed to properly prepare Entrants, Attendants, Supervisors and Rescuers. The safety training exercises available through our 12’ x 8’ x 8’ simulated confined space mobile unit will prepare your team to respond to an incident more quickly and competently than local emergency responders. Our training exercises are scientifically designed to get participants mentally engaged, encourage creative problem solving and foster a positive team attitude. We’ll bring our expertise to your site (in all 50 states!) to help make sure an incident doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

Think all safety training is the same?
Some people say the same thing about Whiskey.

Let A Company That Understands Your Unique Distillery Challenges Conduct Your Safety Training. ISTS has extensive experience working with the spirits industry, so our safety programs are totally customized to address the specific challenges you and your employees face. ISTS can provide a complete assessment to identify your training needs, and we work closely with your staff to establish goals and objectives for those attending training. Our unique training courses offer a positive, interactive learning environment for your employees.

We Believe in the Sanctity of Bourbon.
And in the Safety of Your Workforce.

Hazwoper TrainingThese courses are intended for those involved with emergency response and clean-up of hazardous materials – from basic awareness to advanced response. Depending on the level, course topics range from emergency planning, organization & communication to hazardous chemical handling skills. Download brochure.

Lockout/TagoutThese specialized training courses offer your employees the opportunity to gain an overview of controlling hazardous energy standards for general industry, as well as hands-on training with ISTS’s Lockout Simulator. There are over 30 lockout points that include: chemical, water, electrical, pressure and pneumatic energy. Download brochure.

Confined Space TrainingEach year an estimated 2.1 million workers enter confined spaces and expose themselves to risk of injury or even fatality. We offer comprehensive safety training for working with confined spaces to ensure compliance with 29 CRF 1910.146. Courses are designed for in-class and hands-on learning and range from 4 hours to 24 hours. Download brochure.

Medical TrainingPhysical work can mean physical injury. You need to be able to respond immediately. Developing a trained internal response team is proven effective and makes your business more self-reliant. ISTS offers a wide range of medical training courses, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive customer service, technical support and instructional resources. Download brochure.

“Yurtville” Tabletop Crisis Management Training: Our proprietary tabletop construction, Yurtville™, provides the perfect setting for reality-based incident management scenarios to allow participants to role play, practice group problem-solving, participate in information sharing, and practice decision making. Download brochure. Watch video below.

Fall ProtectionThe distillery environment provides a specific set of walking and working surface challenges that can contribute to slips, trips or falls, some of the most common workplace injuries. ISTS can provide assessments, guidance and training to help mitigate risk. We have tailor made solutions for working at heights, warehousing, aerial work platforms and fall protection rescue plans. Download brochure.

DOT ManagementISTS can keep your drivers in compliance by managing drug tests, road tests, and mock DOT inspections. We also take the burden of maintaining all driver qualification files off your mind. We will analyze and organize applications, inquiries, training, driving records, and certifications so you don’t have to. Download brochure.

Ergonomics/Material Handling: ISTS has created a specific assessment and training program to assist in avoiding the strains, sprains and other musculoskeletal related injuries that can result from long-term repetitive motions. The scope of the course is directed at a wide range of employees, from general assembly line operators to warehouse maintenance employees. Download brochure.

Contractor Management: Along with the boom in the bourbon industry, the number of construction projects you have to manage continues to rise. So does the risk to your workers on site. We ensure your company meets all OSHA requirements through employee training and safety record management. We can develop a contractor safety and health program for you no matter how large or small your needs are. Download brochure.

Safety for the Spirit of Your Distillery

Corn. Malted barley. Charred oak barrels. Compliance. Let us show you how they all work together. ISTS is a nationally recognized creator of training programs that not only meet regulatory requirements, but improve trainee’s retention. Just ask our current clients.

Industrial Safety & Training Services - A Few Distillery ClientsA Few of Our Distillery Clients

  • Bardstown Bourbon Company
  • Brown-Forman
  • Copper & Kings American Brandy
  • Gruppo Campari
  • Heaven Hill Distillery
  • Jim Beam Distillery
  • Kentucky Peerless Distillery
  • Sazerac
  • Wild Turkey Bourbon

References available upon request.

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