Kothe 1,000 Liter and Kothe 2,000 Liter Stills and Related Equipment For Sale


Charleston Distilling Co. is expanding. We are moving to a larger building and to larger equipment. Our original equipment installed in April of 2014 must be sold to make way for new equipment.

SoldUPDATE: This equipment has been sold. If you have equipment you would like to sell please contact us at Info@DistilleryTrail.com.


Full auto stills with CIP

  • Still: Kothe 1,000 Liter Still
  • Still: Kothe 2,000 Liter Still
  • Mash Tank: 2,000 Liter
  • Fermenters: (6) 2,450 Liter Jacketed Stainless Steel
  • Tanks
    • (2) Finishing tanks
    • (1) Letina 1000L Stainless Steel Tank
    • (2) Letina 620 Liter
    • (7) Letina 100 Liter
    • (1) Letina 300 Liter
    • (1) Letina 320 Liter
    • 550 gallon glycol tank
  • Bottling: Enolmatic 4 Head Bottle Filler, Rinser Sparger
  • Chiller: Pro Chiller Model: PM208F4R4550-A-VC
  • Boiler: If you rebuild my wall you can have the boiler too.
    • Fulton VMP (Vertical Multi-Point) 80
  • Pump: 3 Phase 208 impeller pump

Price: $300,000 US Dollars 
Contact: Stephen Heilman at Charleston Distilling Co.
Email: Stephen.Heilman@CharlestonDistilling.com
Phone: 843-718-1446

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