A Non-Distiller Producer or NDP is a distiller that sources distilled spirits from another licensed distiller. NDPs have been around for hundreds of years. When reading a label look for the words “distilled by” or “bottled by” or “distilled and bottled by” to get the detail of where a distilled spirit is made and bottled. A sourced whiskey is not a bad thing as long as the bottler or brand is clear about the source of their spirit. Here is a bit more detail about the topic – How Whiskey Labels Earn Their Eagle Scout Badges [Infographic].

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Broken Barrel Whiskey Co.
2332 E. 8th Street, Los Angeles, California 90021
Four Branches Bourbon
1500 Parkway Dr, Bardstown, Kentucky 40004
Penelope Bourbon
288 12TH Avenue Suite 200, Rosellse, New Jersey 07203