Independent Stave Company has been making barrels for distilled and craft spirits makers for more than 100 years; during which time we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great barrel to age great spirits.

Barrels for the World’s Finest Spirits
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Independent Stave Company manufactures a diverse portfolio of barrels and cooperage products. Your spirits will be sitting in a barrel for from months, years, decades  – go with the trusted leader in barrel making.

1. Classic Barrel – The World’s Most Popular Barrel

Independent Stave Company - Classic 53 Gallon Barrel
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Our Classic barrel has been around for decades, earning it a reputation as a go-to barrel for distillers around the world. With char and toasting options, the Classic barrel can be customized to your specifications.

  • Char options #1 – #4
  • Black steel hoops
  • Customized toast option

Charring – The charred American Oak barrel is a cornerstone of American whiskey. Rich flavors of vanilla and caramel are common descriptors. This barrel is ideal for the production of fruit notes through esterification, dark color and mellowing from the char layer.

Toasting – We often create custom toast profiles and char combinations when a distillery is looking for a unique barrel to showcase a special mash bill or aging regime.

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2. Cooper’s Select – Seasoned to Perfection

The extended seasoning of the Cooper’s Select barrel allows natural elements (light, humidity and fungal activity) to facilitate changes to the oak chemistry. This adds complexity and softness to the palate.

  • 18-month seasoning
  • Choose from chars 1-4
  • Laser branded ISC logo
  • Black steel hoops
  • Customized toast options
  • Custom laser branding of your logo
  • Extra finish
  • Premium packaging

All About White Oak Barrels
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3. Cooper’s Reserve – An Exploration of Oak Species

The Cooper’s Reserve barrel allows you to build a unique barrel program by customizing the wood type and grain to achieve specific flavor goals. Available in American oak, Hybrid (American oak staves, French oak heads), French oak, or European oak.

  • 24-month seasoning
  • Extra-fine grain option
  • Choose from chars 1-4
  • Customized toast options
  • Galvanized steel hoops
  • Laser branded ISC logo
  • Custom laser branding of your logo
  • Premium finish
  • Premium packaging

French Oak (quercus petraea) is well known for its fine grain and higher levels of oak tannin. These barrels lend a spice note to the delicate oak flavors that are typically complimented with hints of toasted almonds and mocha.

American Oak (quercus alba) contains higher levels of tyloses and cis-lactone. Cis-lactone is a very important flavor contributor to the spirit. Vanilla, caramel, and maple syrup are a few of the typical flavors created during aging.

4. Small Batch

Offered in limited quantities, our Small Batch barrels combine innovation and technology to bring out the best in your spirits.

Spiral Cut Barrel (Click image to enlarge.)

  • Continuous groove cut into barrel after charring
  • Significantly increased surface area
  • Fast extraction of flavors from deep in the stave
  • Base barrel: Classic Char #4

Wave Stave Barrel (Click image to enlarge.)

  • Smooth ridges are cut lengthwise prior to charring
  • Moderately increased surface area
  • Layers of complexity from toasting gradient
  • Base barrel: Classic Medium Plus toast with Char #1

5. Finishing Products

Give your spirit distinction with oak finishing products – sold through our sister company, Oak Solutions Group. Whether you’re barrel aging and looking for another oak component or working with a spirit that needs a different oak profile, our finishing products will help you achieve your desired results. Our oak specialist will provide you with personal service and product recommendations.

FAQs – (Full List)
Q: How small a quantity of barrels you will sell?
A: We’ll fill orders for a single barrel.

Q: How much lead time is necessary to order barrels?
A: All of our barrels are made to order, i.e. we do not carry any inventory. The typical lead time is 3-4 weeks after we receive your confirmation and/or payment for the order.

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