They say the barrel provides all of the color and 50% to 75% of the flavor for distilled spirits. Choosing the right barrel for your distilled spirits matters, a lot. Barrels vary by size, age, toast and char to provide a unique combination of flavors including oak, vanilla, honey, caramel and more.

Luca Mariano Distillery - Luca Mariano Barrels of Bourbon and Rye Whiskey
Brown-Forman Cooperage - Barrel Staves Ready to Make Whiskey Barrels
Maker's Mark Distillery - Oak Barrel Resealed after Receiving Wood Staves
Independent Stave Company - Making Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for the George Washington Distillery, Head Distiller Steve Bashore
Independent Stave Company - Stave Finishing
Neeley Family Distillery - Load of 25 Gallon Barrels from The Barrel Mill
Independent Stave Company - Barrelling Profiling, Part 2, Barrels
Brown-Forman Cooperage - Charring Barrels Inside the Charring Tunnel
Brown-Forman Cooperage - The Anatomy of a Barrel Wall Display
Brown-Forman Cooperage - Barrels Getting Ready for Charring
Foeder Crafters of America - Wood Fermentation Tanks for Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries, 10844 Indian Head Industrial Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63132
Foeder Crafters of America
They say that bourbon whiskey gets 50% to 75% of its flavor and color from the oak barrel. We at Foeder Craft […]
Independent Stave Company - Maker's of Barrels for Wine, Beer & Distilled Spirits
Independent Stave Company
Independent Stave Company has been making barrels for distilled and craft spirits makers for more than 100 ye […]
Innerstave - Inventors of the New Barrel Oak Alternative for Distilled Spirits, Beer and Wine since 1979
Innerstave is driven by the singular goal of assisting winemakers, brewers and distillers to achieve the new […]
The Barrel Mill - The Craft Spirits Barrel Maker in the United States
The Barrel Mill
The Barrel Mill offers premium 5, 10, 15, 30 and 53 gallon barrels and oak infusion spirals to distilled and […]
West Virginia Great Barrel Company - 546 Mountain Home Road, Caldwell, West Virginia, 24925
West Virginia Great Barrel Company
West Virginia Great Barrel Company is a new, state-of-the-art cooperage making 53-gallon barrels from tight-g […]