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Ten Nights in a Bar-Room - A 1931 Movie about Drunkenness

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room, A Film about Overindulgence – “I’m A Man, I Can Stop Anytime I Please.” [Full 1931 Movie]

This movie is based on a book published In 1854 by Timothy Shay (T. S.) Arthur (1809 –1885). ‘Ten Nights in a Bar-Room’, became a best-selling novel that dramatizes the evils of alcohol.
Buffalo Trace Distillery - 8 Millionth Barrel, Filled November 29, 2022, Freddie Johnson, Mark Brown and Harlen Wheatley

Watch Mark Brown, Harlen Wheatley & Freddie Johnson Roll Away the 8 Millionth Barrel [VIDEO]

Bonus Life Lesson: Get Freddie Johnson's '3 Unspoken Rules about Drinking Bourbon'. You don't want to miss this.
American Craft Spirits Association 2018 Convention - Keynote Speaker Uncle Nearest Co-Founder Fawn Weaver

Watch as Fawn Weaver Explains the Legacy of Nearest Green from 1850s to Today [Video]

" hope and my prayer is that they are watching over her and the reason why this brand is doing so incredibly well, is because the two of them, along with my niece are saying, ‘It’s about damn time.’”
Bourbon Crusaders - 2022 Straight from the Heart Fund Raiser, Willett Distillery 10 Year Old Bourbon Barrel Pick

Watch as a Willett Distillery 10-Year-Old Single Barrel Sells for $225,000 at Bourbon Crusaders’ Fund Raiser in 130 Seconds

The average Kentucky Derby winning time is about 2 minutes and 2 seconds. When the Bourbon Crusaders held their 2022 annual fund raiser at the Kentucky Derby Museum it only took 8 seconds more to auction off a 10-year-old barrel of Willett Family Estate Bourbon for $225,000.
Bardstown Bourbon Co - VP of Hospitality & Product Development Dan Callaway and President & CEO Mark Erwin

Watch as Bardstown Bourbon’s Mark Erwin and Dan Callaway Discuss Their New Louisville Tourism Experience [VIDEO]

Listen to Bardstown Bourbon Company's CEO Mark Erwin and VP of Hospitality Dan Callaway as they introduce their new satellite Louisville Visitor Experience.
Whiskey Thief Distilling Co. - Whiskey Thieves and Vendome Copper & Brass Works Hybrid Pot Still

Watch Whiskey Thief Distilling Co. Announce Name Change; Joins the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour [VIDEO]

Whiskey Thief Distilling Co., formerly known as Three Boys Farm Distillery has changed it name back to its original name. Listen to owner Walter Z as he announces the change. And watch as Kentucky Distillers' Association welcomes Whiskey Thief as the 24th member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.
Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - Class of 2022 Welcomes the Late Stephen Francis Thompson Founder of Kentucky Artisan Distillery and His Dog Red

2022 Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Kentucky Artisan’s Stephen Thompson [Video Part 7]

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Stephen Thompson, Founder of the Kentucky Artisan Distillery.
Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - Congressman John Yarmuth

The 2022 Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Welcomes Founder of the Congressional Bourbon Caucus John Yarmuth [Video Part 6]

Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - Eric Gregory, Rep, Fred Noe and Chad McCoy

The 2022 Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Welcomes Spirits Industry Supporter Representative Chad McCoy [Video Part 5]

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Class of 2022 welcomes Representative Chad McCoy who has helped pass many laws.
Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - Founder Rabbit Hole Distillery Kaveh Zamanian

The 2022 Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Welcomes Rabbit Hole Distillery Founder Kaveh Zamanian [Video Part 4]

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Class of 2022 welcomes Rabbit Hole Distillery Founder and Whiskey Maker Kaveh Zamanian.
Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - Julian P. Van WInkle III and Freddie Johnson

The 2022 Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Welcomes Old Rip Van Winkle’s Julian P. Van Winkle, III [Video Part 3]

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Class of 2022 welcomes Old Rip Van Winkle’s President Julian 'Pappy' Van Winkle, III.
Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - Master Distiller Dan McGee, Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson, President Michter's Joe Magliocco

The 2022 Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Welcomes Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson [Video Part 2]

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Class of 2022 welcomes Michter's Distillery's Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson.
Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame - 2022 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Inducts its 20th Class with Lots of Laughter and Few Tears [Video Part 1]

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame welcomed six new members in a sunshine filled outdoor event to kick off the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.
Kentucky Bourbon Festival - International Bourbon Barrel Relay Race

What is the Kentucky Bourbon Festival Bourbon Barrel Relay Race? Watch as Master Distiller Steve Nally Explains [VIDEO]

Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co. - Fresh Bourbon Tasting Room Ribbon Cutting

Watch as Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co. Cuts the Ribbon on their Tasting Room [VIDEO]

Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co. in Lexington, Kentucky celebrates Bourbon Heritage Month with a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of their new tasting room. Fresh Bourbon Co-Founders Tia and Sean Edwards were joined by Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in the celebration.
Woodford Reserve Distillery - Master Distiller Chris Morris in front of Beer Still #2

Master Distiller Chris Morris Shares the History of Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Why They Chose Triple Copper Pot Stills [VIDEO]

Angel's Envy Distillery - Expansion Grand Opening Celebration, Video Cover

Watch as Angel’s Envy Distillery Celebrates the Grand Opening of Their Expanded Visitor Center [VIDEO]

Luca Mariano Distillery - Realtor Dan Campbell and Founder Francesco Viola Cut the Ribbon

Watch the Ribbon Cutting for Luca Mariano Distillery Barrel Warehouse No. 1 [VIDEO]

Luca Mariano Distillery celebrated its first whiskey barrel warehouse with a ribbon cutting. Hear from Founder Francesco Viola, Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman and realtor Dan Campbell whose name shows up on the top of the new tier shaped rickhouse.
Luca Mariano Distillery - The Old Americana Band - Take Me Back

Watch ‘The Old Americana Band’ Perform ‘Take Me Back’ at the Luca Mariano Distillery Rickhouse Opening [VIDEO]

Luca Mariano Distillery in Danville, Kentucky celebrated its first whiskey warehouse with a ribbon cutting ceremony with an acoustic performance by a few members of The Old Americana Band.
Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery - Master Distiller Dan McKee enjoying an iced bourbon

Do You Prefer Your Bourbon Neat or On the Rocks? At ‘The Bar at Fort Nelson’ the Answer is Simply ‘Yes’

Why choose between Neat or On the Rocks when you can have both at the same time.
James B. Beam Distilling Co. - Announces Freddie Noe IV as the Master Distiller for the Fred B. Beam Distillery

James B. Beam Distilling Co. Celebrates Grand Reopening and Names Freddie Noe IV Master Distiller [VIDEO]


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