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Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky has been making the same wheated bourbon whiskey in the same place for 70 years now. Maker’s Mark 8th Generation Distiller and Grandson of the Founders Rob Samuels is making his own mark on the whiskey company as he leans into sustainability and regenified agriculture.

Under Rob’s leadership Maker’s is now the first distillery in the world to be ‘Certified Regenified’. Not only are the farms that provide corn and wheat to the distillery certified but the distillery itself is now Tier 3 Certified Regenified.

Watch the video to learn about regenified agriculture and what it means to be certified regenified.

You can get the full story here…

Maker’s Mark Fills the World’s First Barrel of Bourbon with ‘Certified Regenified’ Corn and Wheat

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