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Established in 2012, Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery. Located in the heart of bourbon country, Moonshine University offers comprehensive, hands-on spirits education courses and services to entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world and every facet of the industry.

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to open their own distillery or launch their own spirits brand;
  • Existing distillery owners/operators or spirits brands looking to specialize or improve in a certain area of their business and train their staff;
  • Industry professionals interested in gaining a better overall understanding of the craft, science, and trade of beverage alcohol;
  • Bartenders and professionals in the hospitality sector with the desire to better serve their clients (guiding tours and tastings, creating cocktails, etc.); and
  • Spirits enthusiasts who want to professionalize their passion or find careers in the industry.

About Moonshine University’s Campus & Programs

Our on-campus distillery was designed as part of our classroom, allowing us to incorporate hands-on learning and sensory evaluation into every class. At Moonshine University, we combine classroom instruction with practical, hands-on learning to provide every attendee with a complete and comprehensive education in a variety of spirits and industry related areas. In addition to our world-renowned instructors, each of which are experts in the field, Moonshine University hosts a range of opportunities for specialized instruction, training, and networking.

Our most popular class, the 6-Day Distiller Course, educates entrepreneurs on how to launch a successful distilling business from concept to production and bottling. As of 2019, graduates of this course have gone on to successfully launch 175+ distilleries worldwide.

Additional Moonshine U Courses include:

To learn more about our programs, visit Moonshine University.

Additional Learning Opportunities at Moonshine University

Stave & Thief Society

Looking for something a little more relaxed? Moonshine University’s Stave & Thief Society program provides educational experiences for non-distillers. Spend a day at our hands-on learning center and have the time of your life as you attain a real working knowledge of bourbon and bourbon production. Designed for industry professionals and bourbon enthusiasts alike, this day-long workshop offers state-of-the-art classroom training, hands-on distilling, and advanced sensory training, along with plenty of bourbon to enjoy throughout the day (for educational purposes, of course).

You’ll gain a strengthened understanding of the technical side of bourbon production, its history and relationship to other whiskeys, and the variety of aromas and flavors found in different expressions, giving you all the tools you need to build creative flights and guide your own engaging sensory experiences. In addition to joining the 2,500+ Bourbon Stewards from around the world who have graduated our program, you’ll also gain the ability to speak with knowledge and confidence when sharing your appreciation for Kentucky’s signature spirit.

Visit the Stave & Thief Society to enroll. | Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram

Fully Customized, Private Corporate & Enthusiast Classes

Moonshine University currently offers corporate classes tailored to your team’s specific needs, as well as private enthusiast classes that devote two to three hours to the exploration of one type of spirit.

For more information, please contact the registrar.

My Craft Distillery

Individuals and teams who want to custom create their own spirit can spend a week in our My Craft Distillery program and taking home the fruits of their labor (after barrel aging, of course).

For more information, please visit My Craft Distillery.

Moonshine University’s Professional Services

On-Site Consulting

Moonshine University’s experts are available to travel to your facility to work hand-in-hand to help you trouble-shoot and diagnose issues related to milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation, quality control, sensory analysis, general distillery operations, record-keeping, safety, and more.

For more information, please contact Clay Smith.

Bulk Spirits Sourcing

Moonshine University has access to a broad spectrum of bulk distillates and can help you find the spirit that best suits your needs – whether it’s obtaining a base to create a unique new product or a fully matured spirit that only needs to be processed and bottled.

For more information, please contact Kevin Hall.

Product Development

Moonshine University is housed next door to international custom beverage development company, Flavorman. Together the sister-companies make up a world-class beverage campus that houses a fully-equipped educational distillery, state-of-art classroom, production facility with a custom bottling line, extensive sensory library, and a beverage innovation laboratory – everything you need to create beverages in every imaginable category.

Discover how Flavorman can help you change what the world is drinking at

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