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Vulcan Fire Systems is a special hazards fire protection contractor providing design, installation, and ongoing service and maintenance for distillery fire suppression and detection systems. Learn more.

New Construction, Renovation, Expansion and Maintenance

Vulcan Fire Systems offers a full line of fire protection and suppression equipment to meet all of your distilleries fire protection needs whether you are building a new distillery, renovating an existing distillery or expanding your distillery to keep up with demand for your spirits. We can take your project from inception to certification by providing hazard analysis, design, supply, installation and certification.

We design and install systems for a wide variety of applications to protect buildings, equipment, products and in today’s high traffic tourism areas, your customers.

The Process

Vulcan Fire Systems - Process
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Analysis – Vulcan Fire Systems will send a qualified professional to your facility to help you determine where fire protection would best suit your needs.

Design – Vulcan Fire Systems has a fully staffed engineering department. We thrive on quick turnaround of engineering for our customers; the faster we get drawings done and approved, the faster you have proper fire protection. Our engineers follow the progress of a job from beginning to end and are always in contact with our customers to make sure they are happy with the job Vulcan Fire Systems is doing.

Installation – Vulcan Fire Systems installs every system we sell. We take pride in our work to make sure you, the customer, is satisfied with your fire protection services. All of Vulcan Fire Systems installers are trained and well versed in the fire protection field.

Project Management – Vulcan Fire Systems management every step of your project from beginning to end. We want to make sure all elements are taken care of and you are updated on the progress of your project every step of the way.

Commissioning – Vulcan Fire Systems takes pride in making sure you and your employees are well versed in the use and operation of your system after the installation is complete. We will train your new employees on the operation of your fire suppression system.

Service – Vulcan Fire Systems has 24/7 emergency service personnel in our Louisville, KY office and our Nashville, TN office. Our emergency service personnel can be at your site promptly to service your fire suppression equipment. Please call 1-800-968-7715 for emergency service!

Inspections – Vulcan Fire Systems inspects and test all types of fire protection systems, not just the products we sell and install. If you have an upcoming inspection or test, let us show you how we can help you!

Product & Service Offerings

Building Reports – Online Inspection Reporting Services – Powered by Building Reports’ digital reporting and unique bar code technology, Vulcan Fire Systems can provide accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards. Third Party Verification ensures verifiable, trusted inspection results.

Commercial Fire Suppression – Fire extinguishing agents such as water and dry chemicals cause additional damage to electronic equipment, paper material, and high value assets. When choosing fire extinguishants in a data center, network managers must consider the cost of business interruption once the flames are put out. Down time losses can add up in the millions of dollars per hour and the result can be crippling to operations.

Industrial Fire Suppression – Fumes can build up, chemicals can leak or spill. Add an ignition source and it becomes a potentially devastating combination. If fire occurs, systems must be shut off and alarms and other electrical devices must be activated.

Real-time Event Management – Fike offers the best solutions in graphic monitoring of intelligent fire alarm systems…at a cost that fits your budget.

Air Sampling Smoke Detection – A fire detection system that offers the earliest possible warning of a potential fire. A system that will ensure business continuity and freedom from nuisance alarms.

Spark Detection & Extinguishment – Dust Collectors are the primary piece of equipment associated with dust explosions. It is estimated that 70-80% of all industrial explosions where combustible dusts are handled are generated within a dust collector.

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We offer full lines of the leading fire protection manufactures; Fike, Kidde, Ansul, Pyro-Chem, Patterson Pumps, Autocall, and Siemens.

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