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BrrlBox offers distillers a scalable, sustainable solution for barrel storage and aging of bourbon and rye whiskey.

At BrrlBox we believe that spirit maturation can be modular, scalable, and sustainable without sacrificing quality. Our patented design of repurposing shipping containers was engineered for enhanced flavor extraction using industry-proven design elements.

BrrlBoxes can be single level or stacked to replicate a traditional barrel warehouse.

Spirit Maturation

We’ve tested our design in a pilot program with a reputable distillery and lab tests have shown that the BrrlBox design solution demonstrated enhanced flavor extraction properties for the same distillate when compared to a traditional distillery warehouse.

1-Year GCMS Testing Results

Indepdendant Stave Co. v. Brrlbox Temperature Data Comparison Study
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BrrlBox creates an environment close to the top floor of a rickhouse.

We believe our enhanced extraction comes from our patented design which creates more extreme temperature fluctuations than most traditional warehouses. Independent Stave conducted a warehouse experiment that shows how different floors of the same warehouse experience vastly different temperature and humidity conditions. Our extraction results and temperature results corroborate their findings and show that our BrrlBox is like the top floor in their experiment.

Supporting study from Independent Stave Company – Independent Stave Co. Barrel Warehouse Experiment – Year-1 Results of a 4-Year Study on Heat & Humidity by Floor [BrandScape]

Early testing shows that our thoughtful design has efficient flavor extraction.

BrrlBox - Aging Documentation of Bourbon, Rye and 5 Grain Whiskey
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