P.E. Labellers -A Global Leader in Designing and Manufacturing Automatic Decorative Labeling Equipment

P.E. Labellers is a global leader in designing and manufacturing automatic decorative labeling equipment. P.E. has been at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry, known to offer best-in-class rotary and linear labelers that deliver superior efficiency, ergonomics, and return on investment. For nearly 50 years, we’ve continued to expand our offerings, adding value to our labeling solutions that lead the market in flexible and modular automation.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, P.E. Labellers North America, a subsidiary of P.E Labellers S.p.A., offers local assembly and customization of P.E. machinery for quick delivery, access to a network of service experts across the United States and Canada, as well as local stock of OEM parts manufactured in the USA.

Serving the Wine & Spirits Industry Since 1974

The P.E. Labellers group made history in the Wine & Spirits world, thanks to our ability to adapt labeling machines to meet the everchanging production requirements of manufacturers and bottlers, and the increasingly high quality standards imposed by the market.

Our versatile wine and spirits labeling machines are ideal for:

  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • 50mL-1.75L and beyond
  • Glass or plastic jars
  • Cans

We understand the importance of a quality application and our systems are known for delivering best-in-class precision and accuracy in the following labeling applications:

  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Cold glue pre-cut labels
  • I, L, and U shape tax stamps
  • Shrinkable labels

To meet the demand for quality, P.E. Labellers offers multiple solutions that are popular in the wine and spirits industries, such as camera, fiber optic, and mechanical orientation systems. Camera inspection systems for label presence, position, OCR, date/lot, and barcode.

In addition to wine and spirits applications, P.E. Labellers is also well known for its expertise in applying labels to beverage, beer, food, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical, chemical, pet food products, and more.

Local Services – Engineering, Technical Support & OEM Parts

Proximity to customers is a must at P.E. We are a global company that delivers regionally based services for North America from our facility in Ohio. We deliver professional services and provide quick turnaround for spare parts and assistance. Our North America team includes Service Engineers and Remote Assistance Specialists to support your labeling operations quickly. P.E. Labellers provides ongoing maintenance and assistance services, both on-site and remotely, for approximately 2,000 machines installed in the United States.

Machinery in Stock at Cincinnati Facility

We help you meet market demands for faster turnarounds and ever-changing customer requirements by offering labelers that are ready to ship from our Cincinnati, Ohio facility.

We currently build 2 models of rotary and 2 models of inline labelers in Cincinnati, Ohio for speeds up to 250 BPM. The Modular SL5 and SL7 Rotary Labelers are engineered with programmable bottle plate motion for precision labeling and maximum flexibility for current and future applications. The Wing Inline Labelers are designed for front, back, and/or wraparound applications. All models are offered with quick 10-12 week lead times.

Download the sales sheet below for more information on available in-stock machines, including capabilities, key benefits and specifications.

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Promach - PE Labellers Modular SL, Multi-configuration and multi-technology labelling machine
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P.E. Labellers - Modular SL, Modular CM, and Futura SL for the Distilled Spirits Industry
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