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Briggs of Burton specializes in delivering high-quality process engineering for the distilling industry worldwide. The Briggs of Burton’s distilling team have designed, expanded, and built new distilleries around the world including projects in Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, China, Japan and the USA.

Distillery Process Engineering

Briggs of Burton distillery process engineering services include:

  • Raw Material Handling
  • Mash House
  • Yeast Systems
  • Fermentation
  • Still House
  • Cask Filling & Disgorging
  • Clean In Place (CIP)
  • Utilities
  • Process Design Calculations
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Plant Utilization Chart
  • User Requirement Specification (URS)
  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Automation and Control
  • Software Writing
  • Installation and Commissioning

Offering the Distilled Spirits Industry

The following engineering services were delivered by the Briggs Distilling team:

  • Concept studies / front end loading (FEL 1-3)
  • Detailed engineering design for complete distillery
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • 3d modelling plant and pipework (AutoCAD Navisworks)
  • Specialist stainless steel distillery equipment design and manufacture
  • Specialist copper distillery equipment design and manufacture
  • Distillery process engineering
  • Project management
  • Functional safety
  • Hazardous area design (explosive atmospheres)
  • Cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Distillery utilities design and engineering (water, steam, compressed air)
  • Distillery automation and control design and engineering including:
    • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
    • Briggs standard distillery supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    • Briggs standard distillery Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Site installation support and supervision
  • Briggs leading stage-gate commissioning approach

Briggs of Burton Distillery Projects Case Studies

Turnkey Malt and Grain Distillery in China

Distillery: Shanghai Bacchus Company Ltd. Location: Qionglai in the Province of Chengdu, China Scope: Briggs of Burton’s distillery engineering team have delivered an EPC/Turnkey project to the Shanghai Bacchus Company Ltd . The Greenfield distillery project (150,000 m²) will be developed in two phases: Phase I – 32.5 million litres pure alcohol (MLPA) capacity Phase 2 – an additional 32.5… Read more.

Irish Malt Distillery Mashing Plant

Distillery: Beam Suntory’s Cooley Distillery. Location: Ireland. Scope: Overall process design and build of new mashing plant for Irish Malt Distillery Briggs of Burton’s Distilling team supported Beam Suntory in the complete design and installation of a new mashing plant at Cooley Distillery. Cooley Distillery features both pot and patent stills allowing them to produce both malt and grain whiskey… Read more.

Scottish Malt Distillery Mashing plant

Distillery: The Glenlivet Distillery. Location: Scotland Scope: Overall process design and build of new mashing plant for Scottish Malt Distillery Briggs of Burton designed, built and installed a new full lauter tun as part of The Glenlivet’s Phase I expansion and capacity upgrade. The Glenlivet’s requirements for a new mashing plant were that it needed to achieve a high… Read more.

Scottish Malt Distillery Expansion

Distillery: Glen Ord Distillery. Location: Scotland. Scope: Overall process design and expansion of existing Scottish Malt Distillery The Singleton of Glen Ord is made in the northern highlands from barley grown on the Black Isle and water from the White Burn. Increased demand from the Asia-Pacific region required a substantial increase in production from the 19th Century Glen Ord… Read more.

Scottish Grain Distillery Expansion

Distillery: Diageo Cameronbridge Distillery. Location: Fife, Scotland. Scope: Overall process design and expansion of major Scottish Grain Distillery Diageo’s ‘Project Forth’ has driven a host of improvements to procedures, operations and facilities at the Cameronbridge grain distillery in Scotland. Diageo’s mission was threefold: to deliver the project safely, to use ‘best available technology’ and leave a legacy of which… Read more.

Let Briggs of Burton Help with Your Distillery Project.

“We replaced their existing Mash Tun (4.9m, 5.80 Te charge, 14 h turnaround time) with new Briggs Distillery Lauter Tun (4.5m, 3.2 Te charge, 6 h turnaround time). The new smaller tun is quicker and more efficient, achieving >98% extract recovery.” ~ John Hancock, Briggs Technical Director