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Loch & Union Distilling offers full turnkey distillation services including recipe development, distilling, aging/storage and bottling. We offer a wide range of distilled spirits including a wide range of gin, brandy, rum, agave spirits, whiskey and of course bourbon. And because our state-of-the-art distillery is built to scale, we can handle volumes from 1,000 bottles to 1,000 barrels.

The People Behind the Stills

Yes, we have great equipment but it takes knowledge and experience to operate that equipment, to know the precise temperature to add the yeast, to know when to make the heart cuts that will deliver the flavor profile to make your product to your specification – every time!

Founded in the Napa Valley in 2017, Loch & Union Distilling combines an unparalleled production facility with unmatched expertise. With three Master’s Degree graduates from the world famous Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, a fully custom built three still setup by CARL in Germany, and control systems on par with the pharmaceutical industry, we have developed a track record of making world class spirits.

We let that record speak for itself. So far our products have won over 30 awards, including multiple Gold, Double Gold and Best in Class honors, and our American Dry Gin was included on Wine Enthusiast’s 2019 Top 100 Spirits and Top 10 Gins globally.

We bring the same level of excellence to your distilling project that we bring to ours.

Loch & Union Distilling  Can Make the Spirits You’re Looking For

Our distillation services are completely turnkey, offering everything you need at every point in the process.

  • Consultation: Good planning is a necessity for making good spirits. We bank on the expertise of our first-class distilling team and our own experience developing products for ourselves and previous customers.
  • Production: Versatility was one of our main focuses when building this distillery. Our various still configurations, mashing/fermentation equipment and control systems mean we can make an exceptionally wide range of spirits in an equally wide range of styles – whiskies, gin, brandy, rum, etc.
  • Bottling/Storage: We have places to put your barrels and equipment to bottle and label your products.
  • Scalability: Our facility is built to scale without sacrificing quality. No matter what size your project is we can handle it. If you want 10 barrels, great. If you want 1,000 barrels we can do that too.

Top of the line production equipment means nothing if you don’t have the right people to run it. Our staff is really what makes this company. The core of our distilling team consists of Colin, Jesse and Gordon all of whom graduated near the top of their class at the world-famous brewing and distilling master’s degree program at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. Aside from simply having degrees, we have a broad range of experience in recipe development and all aspects of production.

Let Loch & Union Distilling help you bring your project to life.

Contact Loch & Union Distilling at 562-810-3704
Email: Info@LochAndUnion.com

Loch & Union Distilling - A Few of Our Awards - California Gin Distillery of the Year, American Dry Gin Gold, Barley Gin Gold
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