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Mueggenburg Farms offers a vast assortment of organic and non-organic botanicals and spices for the distilling and brewing industries. With warehousing capacities on the east and west coast, botanical ingredients are available year-round with minimal lead times. Regular imports ensure restocking and new material being available in a timely manner, and our in-house milling capabilities can customize the cut size to fit your distilling or brewing needs.

Botanicals & Spices for Breweries & Distilleries

With our global supply chain, we can help you get all the spirit ingredients you need to craft your special drink.

We understand that different species, harvest times, and different origins can greatly impact the final flavor characteristics of your product. Our extensive sourcing network and consistent inventory can offer a reliable and specialized flavor for your beverage. Full list below.

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Mueggenburg Farms - Botanicals and Spices for Craft Distilleries
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Download Mueggenburg Farms complete Botanicals and Spices for Craft Distilleries list here.

We offer a broad range of services to fit your botanical and spice ingredient needs. With services such as manufacturing, blend customization, warehousing, and sourcing – we can help.

Manufacturing & Blend Customization – Our manufacturing site lies in Culver, Oregon. With years of experience in herbal and botanical manufacturing we ensure the consistency of your product’s characteristics as it goes through the production processes. We also use a public warehouse in New Jersey for our customers on the East Coast. Here too, we can store materials to be picked up or delivered right when you need it.

We offer the following manufacturing services: milling, cutting, sifting, heat-treatment, blending.

Logistics – We work hand in hand with highly reputable transportation companies so you have peace of mind while your goods are being transported domestically or internationally.

Just as per your requirements we offer: Short term and individual order execution, partial and full shipments, consultation on packing and documentation for shipments, customs clearance, container trucking, tracking and tracing.

Warehousing – Our 43,000 square foot warehouse located in Culver, Oregon constantly carries a variety of inventory to hedge against natural harvest shortages. The high altitude and dry nature of the area provides an ideal warehousing environment for natural materials.

Our warehouses are suitable for food storage with access to loading platforms, block and shelf storage, FIFO, lot, or best before date orientated inventory management, consignment, packing, marking, dispatch.

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Botanicals & Spices for Distilleries

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Botanical Based Craft Spirits Ideas

Aquavit Craft Spirits

Mueggenburg Farms - Botanicals & Spices for Aquavit Craft Spirits
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Also known as snaps, aquavit is a Nordic spirit that has a variety of styles and flavor profiles depending on its’ origins. For example, Swedish aquavit tends to include more anise seeds and fennel seeds, whereas Norwegian aquavit contains more cumin and citrus peels. The EU requires that all aquavit contains at least caraway and/or dill as base ingredients and then distillers can include other botanicals including anise seed, cardamom, cloves, juniper berries, coriander seed, cumin, fennel seed, and citrus peels.

Arak Craft Spirits

Mueggenburg Farms - Botanicals & Spices for Arak and Raki Craft Spirits
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Arak, also known as Arag and Raki, is an anise-based spirit from the Middle East dating back to the 12th century. Common in countries such as Iraq, Jordan, and Syria, arak is made by extracting anise seeds in grape brandy. Arak is served with water which causes the clear spirit to turn milky white once mixed.

Gin Craft Spirits

Mueggenburg Farms - Botanicals & Spices for Gin Craft Spirits
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Gin brings the most extensive assortment of botanical ingredients together with one requirement: juniper berries. Although different from what gin is now, this botanical spirit was first created in the Netherlands and Belgium. They would mix common botanicals (now used in gin) with malt wine that was around 50% ABV to help it become more palatable. Over time, the malt wine was removed and only botanicals were used. The botanical possibilities of gin are endless; some common botanicals used in gin include coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, cardamom, licorice root, cinnamon, and citrus peels.

Absinthe Craft Spirits

Mueggenburg Farms - Botanicals & Spices for Absinthe Craft Spirits
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During the 17th century, a fascinating drink with supposed mind-altering effects was invented – absinthe. Due to its’ high alcoholic potency, many countries have guidelines on how much thujone, a chemical compound found in absinthe, can be in each bottle. Absinthe will always contain three botanical ingredients: fennel seed, wormwood, and anise. Other botanicals commonly found in absinthe include hyssop herb, star anise, lemon balm, cinnamon, mint, coriander seed, angelica root, juniper berries, and veronica.

Pastis Craft Spirits

Mueggenburg Farms - Botanicals & Spices for Pastis Craft Spirits
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This 1930’s spirit made its break moments after the Absinthe Prohibition. During WWII, Europe banned alcohol advertisement, which led to pastis marketers giving cafes glassware, carafes, and ashtrays with their logo to boost their popularity and make their presence known. Like arak, this French spirit needs to be diluted prior to drinking; for every single unit of Pastis, five units of water are recommended. The famous French spirit is made with a base of either grain or beets and then green anise, licorice, and/or fennel seed is added.

Source: Mueggenburg Farms

Looking for Distilled Spirits Botanicals & Spices? We can help!
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