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Just when you think you know everything about the South Carolina Lowcountry, along comes Burnt Church Road and the inspiration behind Burnt Church Distillery. Our distillery is rooted in unearthing the truth behind where the road got its name, as well as demystifying local folklore that went along with it. Visitors to the distillery will explore the history and lore of the beautiful Lowcountry. Listen, we get it. When it comes to distilling spirits, we’re the little guys. We know we can’t beat the old school whiskey legends at their own game – and we don’t want to. We’re here to make a meaningful contribution by crafting unique and flavorful spirits wrapped in history and shared experience.

Burnt Church Distillery

Our 20,000 square foot campus is a historical and educational communal destination for locals and tourists alike to learn about distilling and the rich history of our surroundings while discovering and enjoying unique and flavorful spirits. Our Founders – If Billy J. Watterson is known as the brains behind Burnt Church Distillery, Sean Watterson would be the hands. A true entrepreneur, Billy has founded many brands over the past 20 years. When he discovered the Lowcountry in 2002, he was enamored with its aura of ease, southern hospitality, and true, inherent beauty. His love for this place and its deep-rooted traditions is what moved him to his latest endeavor – a distillery. Sean is a self-taught Renaissance Man, a modern-day jack-of-all-trades. He balances the art and science of distilling with pure heart and soul – crafting each spirit so perfectly, even the most sophisticated whiskey connoisseurs are impressed. Both Watterson brothers are passionate about crafting authentic Lowcountry spirits that honor the history of the South Carolina Lowcountry and give back to its communities. Our hope is to make a heartfelt impact on all who are eager to learn and taste.

Burnt Church Distillery Spirits

Anita’s Choice Bourbon – We are all defined by the choices we make. The Lowcountry’s own Anita Pollitzer was no exception to this rule. She made bold choices that shaped her legacy and improved the lives of the next generation’s women. Anita dared to be more. In her spirit, this six-grain bourbon whiskey was specially crafted for those who choose to be great. Learn more… Johnny Fever Bourbon – Johnny Fever Bourbon Whiskey was created in homage to a man who made a very special impact on our co-founder, Billy Watterson. A fitting tribute to someone who loved pheasant hunting, good bourbon, and family most of all. It’s the perfect bourbon to taste and savor, commemorating the past and toasting to the future. Learn more… Bluffton Whiskey American Whiskey – Hand-crafted with Carolina Gold Rice and aged gently in charred white oak barrels, Bluffton Whiskey is a testament to what this town has been through. Despite its history, marred by slavery and The Civil War, Bluffton has stood the test of time. Its rich history is what makes it the extraordinary place it is today. Learn more… Palmer’s Stretch RYE Whiskey – Before it was Burnt Church Road it was known as Palmer’s Stretch, named after black businessman George Bell Palmer. This road is where the infamous local, Harry Cram, held community-wide horse races each Thanksgiving. Our rye whiskey pays homage to the road, the town, and its people. Learn more… Sin Eater Whiskey – What if your darkest secrets could disappear? What if you could live your life with no regrets? Legend has it, Sin Eaters could make that happen with a single toast. They were known as social outcasts who freed the souls of others by burdening their own. There’s no retribution for indulgence when you take a sip of Sin Eater Cinnamon Smoky Whiskey. Learn more… Devil’s Elbow Gin – In 1718, the Lowcountry was carved into several land grants – one of them was named Devil’s Elbow Barony, where present day Bluffton, SC resides. The barony was named by Sir Colleton, but there is no historical reference to indicate why he chose this name. We saw it as the perfect name for our premium and flavored gins. Available in Original as well as three unique flavors. Learn more… Burnt Church Vodka – The inspiration for this distillery is as deeply-rooted in our community as the storied tales of the past; from the notes and flavors of each hand-crafted spirit to the historic streets that bear their names. The once elusive story of Burnt Church Road soon became as clear as our vodka. Thought to be lost centuries ago – we have the story, and now you have Burnt Church Vodka. Learn more… Sippin’ Saint Moonshine – Everyone wants a taste of moonshine as soon as their feet hit the winding roads of the Lowcountry. Saints are no different. These flavored moonshines are loved by all, even those that don’t call themselves drinkers. With five exceptional flavors, there’s something special for everyone. Learn more… Amethyst (Non-Alcoholic Spirit) – Amethyst is a non-alcoholic spirit that is masterfully distilled and blended with invigorating fruits and botanicals. Rooted in the spirits of balance, wellness, and inclusion, Amethyst allows you to celebrate all of life’s moments. Learn more…

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers  Call 843-872-0158 | Email: info@burntchurchdistillery.com Learn more about Burnt Church Distillery

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