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This Amicus Brief Stinks: Jack Daniel’s (40% ALC BY VOL) v. Bad Spaniels (43% POO BY VOL) Going to Supreme Court

It appears Silly Squeakers Toys has really stepped in the No. 2 again. VIP Products,
Ship My Spirits - A Grass Roots Campaign for Direct-to-Consumer DTC Shipping

DISCUS, ADI & ACSA Team Up to Launch ‘Ship My Spirits’ to Promote Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Shipping

You can visit your favorite winery and pick up a bottle of your favorite wine.
Maker's Mark Distillery - Tasting from the Barrel with a Whiskey Thief

Kentucky Gov. Signs Emergency Bill Legalizing Bourbon Private Barrel Selects, Satellite Tasting Rooms & Distillery Exclusive Bottles

That hammer on wood sound you just heard was every distiller in Kentucky pounding a
US and UK Settle Trade Dispute to End Tariffs, Cover

U.K. Retaliatory Tariffs on American Whiskey Nightmare is Coming to an End

American whiskey makers are raising a glass today with the news from U.S. Secretary of
Kentucky Distillers' Association - Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon Sales Program at Risk, HB 500 and SB 160

UPDATE: The Kentucky House Passes Bill to Allow Bourbon Private Barrel Selects with Several Amendments. What’s Next?

We reported recently that the Kentucky Private Barrel Selection (PBS) program was at risk of being
Kentucky Distillers' Association - Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon Sales Program at Risk, HB 500 and SB 160

Are Kentucky Bourbon Single Barrel Sales Illegal? Yes. Emergency New Law Aims to Fix the Issue.

The law is a funny thing. An optimist looks at the law and says if
Heaven Hill and Log Still Distillery Settle Lawsuit

Heaven Hill vs. Log Still Distillery – Court Grants Motion for Preliminary Injunction; Stop Using ‘J.W. Dant’ Brand

In March of 2021 Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Log Still Distilling
Distillers Association of North Carolina - Passage of House Bill 366 and 890

North Carolina Distillers Rejoice with Passage of Sunday Sales, DTC Shipping and Creation of Spirituous Liquor Advisory Council

Imagine this. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and you decide to visit your favorite North
What is Whiskey - The Taft Decision of 1909

What is Whisky? The Taft Decision of 1909

One of the earliest laws protecting consumers from fraudulent products was the Bottled in Bond
Distilled Spirits Council - Drunk Driving Data - Motor Vehicle Fatalities 1982-2018

Multiple Substance Traffic Deaths are on the Rise, DISCUS & Responsibility.Org Urge Passage of Halt Act

Traffic deaths involving drivers impaired by multiple substances are on the rise. The nation must


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