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Spirits360 is an ecommerce platform designed exclusively for shipping distilled spirits direct to consumers (DTC) homes.

Direct to Consumer shipping of distilled spirits has been on every distillers and their fans wish list for years. Antiquated laws have prohibited the distribution of distilled spirits from a distillery to a consumer for a long time but now slowly but surely these laws are changing on a state by state basis. And, in today’s world of pandemics and lockdowns many states have recently opened up in order to help consumers get the spirits they love. The current list of states is included below. Check back often as new states are added frequently.

Spirits 360 E-Commerce Platform Allows Direct to Consumer Shipments from a Distillery

Spirits 360 creates a self-service web portal custom branded for each distillery that allows customers to learn about your spirits and purchase items for direct shipment to homes or businesses. Distillery products may include spirits, Ready-to-Drink cocktails, hand sanitizer, hats, t-shirts, barrel heads and more – whatever you have to offer for sale.

The Spirits 360 smart platform takes the compliance complexities associated with direct to consumer shipping out of the distilleries hands and automates it for a simple end to end solution saving the distillery both time and money.

  • The system allows the distillery to manage customers, products, pricing, inventory, invoices, fulfillment, and reporting/data extraction for marketing.
  • Spirits360 platform handles the complex tasks of making sure shipments are legal and compliant with state laws, collect appropriate taxes and process all credit/debit card transactions.
  • It’s integrated with UPS worldwide shipping ensuring all shipments arrive on time and requiring that every shipment is signed for by an adult of at least 21 years of age.

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A Partner Distillers Can Trust

With over 50 years combined experience providing technology solutions to corporations, including inventory management, credit card processing, cloud-based solutions, and ecommerce, the leadership at Spirits360 has brought together all of the necessary players to create a seamless, easy-to-use, compliant solution which allows distilleries to take full advantage of the vast sales opportunities afforded through direct to consumer product shipping.

Spirits 360 Solutions - Partners with IMX for eCommerce
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Spirits 360 Solutions - Partners with Avalara for Tax Compliance
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Spirits 360 Solutions - Partners with Intellicheck for ID Verification
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Spirits 360 Solutions - Partners with UPS for Shipping and Delivery
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IMX – Partnering with IMX Solutions Inc, Spirits360 has capitalized on IMX’s many years of expertise in building custom software solutions in the ecommerce and order fulfillment realm.

Avalara – Provides tax compliance to all alcohol sales tax laws by offering real-time tax calculations based on shipping address. Takes care of all state by state product registration and licensing with extensive knowledge of alcohol product compliance.

Intellicheck – Provides ID age verification of a customer prior to allowing them to order from a kiosk in your distillery or enroll in a membership club.

UPS – Shipping is fully integrated for domestic shipping, including UPS compliance reporting and certified integration with UPS IPARCEL for international shipping. Includes Tariffs, Taxes and other international related charges. Delivery is handled 100% by UPS. Spirits360 Shipping Solution Suite of products are the ONLY ecommerce software platforms certified by UPS to ship alcohol. Our smart system will only allow shipment of bottles if the destination state allows alcohol shipments and the location is not in a dry territory.

Distillery Owner Sets the Rules on a State by State Basis

Rules are established based on state and local alcohol laws.

  • How many bottles can you sell per day/month/year?
  • What size bottles can be sold?
  • How many ounces may be sold?
  • All history is stored and saved to keep you compliant.
  • Do you want to offer free shipping if the customers total purchase meets a certain threshold?
  • Do you have to ship a food item with each order? That’s in there too!

Who Owns the Customer? You Do!

In the Spirits 360 solution the customer is a creating a relationship with the distillery, not a third party. What does this mean? It is one more way for a distiller to build a long term relationship with their loyal customers. When a customer creates a new account whether its online, over the phone or in person you’ll capture their full name, address, email, preferred payment method, mobile phone, etc. All this information is owned by the distillery. This will allow you to communicate special releases, limited editions, membership clubs and more.

Spirits 360 Four Key Features

The Spirits360 Shipping Solution Suite is a cloud-based platform which offers four key components to meet the needs of distilleries of all sizes:

  • In Distillery Kiosk –On-site Kiosk/iPad Ecommerce Solution provides on-site, self-serve kiosks which allow distillery visitors to join your ‘(Distillery Name Here) Spirits Club‘ and easily ship spirits and other products directly to their compliant destination, while still at your distillery!
  • (Distillery Name Here) Club Manager – Club manager allows your customers to join your Spirits Club and to manage their membership information. Customers can enroll in your club during their visit to your distillery or online. Membership information can be used not only for Club activities, but membership information obtained through the manager can also be used for your future distillery marketing endeavors.
  • Back Office –Back office system to manage Customers, Orders, Products, Fulfillment and more.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration – Verifies customer and shipping address as eligible to receive the shipment of spirits from a compliance standpoint. This component can be integrated directly into your current POS system by offering an application procedure interface (API).

Who Creates the Distillery Store and How Much Does it Cost?

We let you focus on what you do best distilling and we build your custom store with all your branding. Once we understand what you have for sale, you provide us with the spirit names, descriptions, photos and prices and then we build your store.

Simple pricing, we do all the work so you can focus on your business.

  • No upfront fee and we set-up your website for you
  • No monthly or credit card fees
  • All the money goes into your bank on every transaction same day or next day
  • Fixed % per transaction (on the product only) fee which includes credit card fees
  • We bill you at the end of the month for transactions

What States Does Spirits 360 Serve?

This is a constantly moving and improving list. Here is our current list that we can do business in now for distilled spirits.

  1. Alaska
  2. California
  3. Kentucky
  4. New York
  5. Oregon
  6. Virginia
  7. Washington
  8. Washington, D.C.

Need help with Hand Sanitizer ecommerce? We can set up shop for Hand Sanitizer in all 50 states then when your state is authorized for spirits sales you will be ready to go.

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