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Filibuster Distillery was born in the heart of Washington D.C. and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, making it a true product of the Washington, DC area. Founded at a liquor store just steps away from Capitol Hill, the Filibuster brand quickly transformed from a 1st generation immigrant family’s passion project into an incredible American dream.

Filibuster Distillery prides itself on creating an experience that is far from ordinary. Our approach to spirits is unconventional, utilizing innovative production methods and artisanal standards of distillation to create extra layers of complexity within each spirit.

Our approach will remain nonconventional, using new and old techniques. Not only is Filibuster committed to using local ingredients from Virginia, our promise is to our fellow countrymen, as we work with first-time malt and juniper growers and also first-time installers. Our Adage is to grow together.

Filibuster’s Craft Spirits Line Up

Continuing the journey of making filibuster, the grain falls into one of our large copper pot stills that are filled with water. As the grain combines with the water in our still pot, it boils into a vapor, which then condenses into what is known as a wash (or low wine). It is during this part that the molecules of flavor from our local grain combine with those of our Shenandoah Valley water, giving Filibuster it’s uniquely Virginian taste.

Filibuster Distillery - Filibuster Bourbon, Rye, Whiskey, Gin Bottles
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Dual Cask Straight Bourbon – Filibuster Dual Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey pushes traditional bourbon aging methods to a new level through its dual cask process. Finished in French Oak barrels, this bourbon enhances the caramel and vanilla nuances as well as adds complexity to the overall taste. Learn more.

Single Estate Single Barrel Bourbon – Filibuster Single Estate Bourbon is one of the finest whiskeys from our distillery released to date. This special, 2019 limited-edition release was created from one farm, one distillery and one barrel in order to achieve the ultimate bold yet balanced flavor. Learn more.

Dual Cask Straight Rye Whiskey –Filibuster Dual Cask Straight Rye Whiskey is a unique rye whiskey that is secondarily finished in French Oak barrels to impart white wine aroma and texture into the liquid. The expression results in a rich, round whiskey without any of the harsh grassy notes that detract from the enjoyment of rye whiskey offerings. Learn more.

Boondoggler Whiskey – Filibuster Boondoggler Whiskey is far from traditional. Finished in five different barrels, this expression takes unique qualities from its aging process to form a complex yet well-balanced liquid. The wholly approach makes this whiskey neither a bourbon nor a rye. Learn more.

Dual Cask Gin – Filibuster Dual Cask Gin was created in a style reminiscent of 18th century bath-tub gin. Crafted using hand infused botanicals and finished in French Oak barrels, this gin brings to light uncommon characteristics that are not found in typical barrel-aged gins. Learn more.

Gin Rose – Filibuster Gin Rose takes our Dual Cask Gin to the next level with the addition of rose petals.  Originally introduced as limited-edition for Summer 2018, we re-introduced this unique gin to our full-time line up due to the unprecedented level of customer requests. Our Gin Rose amplifies the unique characteristics of gin with pink peppercorn, lemon and wild rose notes. Learn more.

Bio-Sustainable – One hundred percent natural, Filibuster uses no artificial colors, flavors, or additives – just grains, yeast, sun, and time. After distilling, the water undergoes an intense filtration process and is then injected back into Shenandoah water tables. Our used grains are also converted into nourishing poultry feed. We are serious about safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Perfect Water for Making Whiskey – Water is the foundation of a whiskey. Some even say, “The better the water, the better the whiskey.” Kentucky is the epicenter of American whiskey production because of the special properties of its limestone-filtered water and the minerals it contains. Watch out Kentucky! Shenandoah limestone possesses an even higher ratio of beneficial minerals than Kentucky water. We only use the limestone water from our live on-site wells.

Yeast – We employ two unique mash bills (grain recipes) in our production. Each mash bill is cooked to perfection through non-controlled temperature to enhance the delicate flavors of the different grains. Only Filibuster uses a proprietary combination of wild and tamed yeast strains each producing uniquely different, rich flavors.

Corn  – Sweet | Rye – Spicy | Malted barley – Piney and cereal notes | Oats – Texture

Distillation – Distillation is a process that separates liquids through differences in their first boiling points. Our still converts the liquid beer into a vapor that travels to the condenser, where it is then condensed back into a liquid, thus concentrating the alcohol and desired congeners or flavoring components. Filibuster uses both a copper pot and a column to distill, fusing the two worlds of craft and technology. We do not just meet standards – we create them.

Warehouse – Our rickhouse is set upon a 25,000 square foot, non-controlled temperature cement floor. It stays colder for longer in cold weather and heats up faster in warm weather. Our vertically aligned barrels provide a gentle, undisturbed, and more consistent maturation process, with only an eight-degree temperature variance from the top rack to the bottom. Traditional, metal-clad, multi-story warehouses in Kentucky will vary in temperature by as much as 35 degrees.

In accordance with the requirements for making bourbon whiskey, we use charred, new American oak barrels. Once the distillate has been proofed, it is loaded into barrels, bungs are used to seal the barrels, and the barrels are put up in racks in the warehouse. Each barrel holds 53 gallons of distillate and is stenciled, noting the identifying batch information and recipe.

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