Bluefin Capital - Lending Money to Craft Distillers Across the United States

Bluefin Capital offers brewing and distilling equipment finance and working capital services across the United States.

Leasing through our distilling equipment finance allows you the freedom and leverage to choose systems that will advance your company and maximize earnings.

We understand the opportunities the Craft Brewing & Distilling industry presents and how to assist with growth.

Distillery Equipment Uses

  • Mills
  • Mash Tun
  • Fermenter
  • Stills
  • Packaging & Bottling Equipment
  • Cosmetic Upgrades to Tasting Rooms & Restaurants
  • Anything Business Essential

Utilize Working Capital for Short-term Projects

  • Buy inventory to increase production
  • Ship out to wider markets
  • Market in new areas
  • Expand your offering

Our Services

We work directly with your company administration and oversee planning for capital and equipment needs to find the financing option best suitable for your situation.

There is no additional collateral needed besides the physical asset being purchased. Can cover soft costs including shipping, installation, and taxes. No money down options, as well as different types of loans or leases.

Majority of manufacturers and suppliers in the United States we can work with and provide financing for. Get pre-approved and shop with confidence.

Let’s Get Started

To begin, please fill out the below funding application. Include any equipment or working capital needs as well as a description of the items. If you would like to have one of our representatives give you a call to go over any questions, please fill out the following information.

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With any other questions or need to get in contact, please reach out.

Will Shriver – Senior Vice President
M (425) 387-6477  |  D (585) 504-3573

Bluefin Capital - Equipment & Capital Business Funding for Craft Spirits Distilleries
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