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Next Century Spirits is an advanced technology company specializing in the creation and processing of distilled spirits. We aim to blend tradition and technology in order to supply the global spirits market with the best products possible.

With adaptable, state-of-the-art systems, we provide spirits that are used in everything from craft brands to large, bulk blends.

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Next Century Spirits blends together traditional distilling techniques and unique finishing technologies to create enhanced spirits. Our new processing technology creates a tool for the traditional distiller to expand their repertoire of achievable flavors and aromas, while improving quality, maintaining consistency, and reducing supply chain issues. This technology allows for tight control over the entire production process and maturation system, resulting in the ability to create bold, complex flavor profiles faster than any other distilled spirits group in the world.

Next Century Spirits Options

Whiskey – Corn, rye, wheat, and barley mash bill options with a plethora of finishes and flavors. Our offerings include American, rye, bourbon, and Canadian whiskies.

Rum – Sugar cane sweetness and barrel-aged character with Caribbean style options available. We offer a number of different bases, including white, dark, aged, and spiced rums.

Tequila – Agave bases with oak finishes and unique, tequila profiles. We offer a number of tequila profiles, including white, gold, and aged products.

Vodka – Clear, clean, and astonishingly smooth. A staple product on any bartender’s shelf, vodka sales make up a huge portion of the global liquor market.

Gin – Using our patented technology and blending expertise, we offer a unique line of both dry and botanical gins, as well as custom products such as “barrel-rested” aged gin.

Liqueurs – Flavored spirits have become more and more common in both the craft and macro spirits markets. Our product line includes a number of specialty liqueurs, along with flavored whiskies, rums, vodkas, and other spirits bases.

Next Century’s Advantage

Custom Spirits Creation – NCS’s technology allows us to tweak a large number of variables in our spirits, creating a wide array of different profiles, tastes, and aromas in the finished product.

Easy Scalability — Developing our own equipment pieces and stills means that NCS can test out different mash bills, wood types, fractional cuts, and processing capabilities in sizes ranging from just 1 liter, all the way up to 6000 gallons.

Quick Turnaround — Utilizing our revolutionary technology, NCS can produce huge volumes of your custom spirits in a fraction of the time required by normal aging methods. This means that you can hit the market faster, and for less money.


Traditional barrel aging of spirits involves taking distilled liquor and storing it in wooden casks for up to 40+ years. During this time, a number of chemical reactions take place that develop the characteristic flavors and aromas of whiskey and other brown spirits. The entire maturation process involves hundreds of different, individual reactions occurring constantly inside of the barrel.

Our patented process combines traditional whiskey making techniques with a proprietary finishing technology to create complex and unique flavor profiles that are typical of spirits matured for a much longer length of time.

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