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BSG Distilling offers craft spirits distillers the best malts, grains, agave syrup, enzymes, yeasts, finishing products and processing equipment from around the world. We’ve been supplying select ingredients at competitive prices to craft brewers, winemakers, and craft distillers across North America for the past eleven years. Our team consists of people who have worked in the respective industries; bringing unique insights, passion and skills that make them consultants more than sales people.

BSG Distilling offers a variety of products and services for craft distillers including…

With distilling malts and grains from Rahr Malting Co., Weyermann®, Simpsons, Crisp and Malting Company of Ireland, as well as a full range of yeasts, yeast nutrients, enzymes, botanicals, and finishing products, we have a wide range of distilling ingredients to help you create high quality, artisanal spirits. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in everything from formulating recipes to troubleshooting challenges.

Products and Services When You Need Them

With distribution centers strategically located across the United States we can get you the ingredients you need quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on crafting better spirits.

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Contact BSG Distilling and let us demonstrate how we can improve your artisanal spirits with better ingredients, dedicated customer service and competitive pricing.

Let BSG Distilling help you with all your
malt grains, enzymes and yeast needs.

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You can find your regional BSG representative name, email and phone number here. Click on any name to email.

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Marc Worona – VP Sales | 707.252.2550  x4
Ryu Yamamoto – Technical Sales Director | 707.252.2550  x3
Andy Causey – Technical Sales Manager: Distilling | 303.242.2737
Tinus Els – Western Regional Sales Manager | 707.332.4920
Les Ferguson – Southern Regional Sales Manager 817.614.2565
Ilya Soroka – Midwest Regional Sales Manager | 414.732.7382
Peter Hoey – Hawaii: Technical Sales Director | 916.708.9724
Nick Funnell – Alaska: Technical Sales Manager | 503.201.2486
Kevin Kawa – Eastern Regional Sales Manager | 303.242.2737

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