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Koetter Construction - K-RAX Barrel Storage System Donated to the James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits

Koetter Group Donates Unique Barrel Storage System to UK’s James B. Beam Institute for Research & Education Project

The James B. Beam Institute is a collaboration between the UK Colleges of Agriculture, Food
Independent Stave Company - Making Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for the George Washington Distillery

Crafting 120 Gallon Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for George Washington Distillery at Mt. Vernon [BrandScape]

The rich history of bourbon is part of what makes it so alluring. Ask any
Independent Stave Company - Stave Finishing

Independent Stave Machines Rough Staves to Barrel Ready Staves [BrandScape]

A logs path from the forest to a finished barrel until the time its ready
Independent Stave Company - ISC Barrels and the Boswell Family to Donate $1 Million to Build Research 600 Barrel Warehouse

Independent Stave Co. Donates $1 Million to University of Kentucky to Build a 600 Barrel Research Warehouse [VIDEO]

In the fall of 2018 the University of Kentucky announced the creation of the Kentucky
Independent Stave Company - A Field of Staves at Kentucky Cooperage, Lebanon, Kentucky

Independent Stave Takes us from the Log Yard to the Stave Mill [BrandScape]

Expertly crafting American White Oak (Quercus alba) from log to finished barrel is an age
Maker's Mark Distillery - Maker's Mark, Independent Stave and University of Kentucky Partner together to Study White Oak Genome

No Quercus alba, No Bourbon – Maker’s Mark, Independent Stave & UofK to Study White Oak Genome

Distillers have been storing distilled spirits in oak (Quercus alba) barrels for centuries. At some
Maker's Mark Distillery - Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release, Stave Profile RC6

Maker’s Mark Head of Innovation Jane Bowie Explains the 2 Year Process that led to RC6 Bourbon Whisky

It was the first day of fall and Head of Innovation Jane Bowie arrived to
Independent Stave Company - Breaking Ground on Commonwealth Cooperage in Morehead, Kentucky

Independent Stave Company Breaks Ground on New $66.5 Million Cooperage

It was about a year ago that Independent Stave Company announced plans to build Commonwealth
Independent Stave Company - The Journey from the Log Yard to Barrel

Independent Stave Takes Us on the Journey from the Log Yard to Barrel [BrandScape]

It takes many years to grow an American Oak tree that will one day help
Kentucky Cooperage Tours 2018 Infographic - Tours Up 97% in 5 Years

Kentucky Cooperage Experiences 97% Tourist Growth in Last 5 Years [Infographic]

A bourbons flavor is complex. There are many factors that go into the bourbon making


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