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James B. Beam Institute - Andrew Wiehebrink of ISC Barrels and Colin Blake of Moonshine University

Maturation Chemistry – The Chemistry of What Happens Inside a Whiskey Barrel and the Human Body [Video & Slides]

The process that alcohol enters, interacts, and exits a bourbon barrel has a lot of
Independent Stave Company - Sustainable Forest Initiative

Barrel Maker Independent Stave Co. Earns Certification to Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standards

Independent Stave Company’s domestic stave mills and cooperages have achieved certification to the Sustainable Forestry
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel - An Independent Stave Co Announces $4.1 Million Expansion

Kentucky Cooperage to Invest $4.1 Million to Expand Used Barrel Production Capacity

In 2021 Kentucky reported more than 10 million barrels of bourbon aging in rickhouses around
Independent Stave Company - Small Batch Series, Cold Smoked Barrels

Independent Stave Company Launches a Small Batch Series of Maple, Apple, Hickory and Peat Cold Smoked Barrels

One of the great things about distilled spirits like bourbon, rye, wheat, or malt whiskey
Independent Stave Company - Char Levels and Double Barreling

When it Comes to Double Barreling – Independent Stave Says Forget the Char #4 and Go Low [BrandScape]

Independent Stave Company has been crafting barrels since 1912. From all these years of making
Buzzard's Roost Whiskeys - Introduction of the first Buzzard's Roost Double Barreled Bourbon Whiskey

Buzzard’s Roost Whiskey Spreads its Wings with its 1st Double Barreled Bourbon Release

Turkey vultures and buzzards have a keen sense of smell. According to Zoologist Gary Graves
Koetter Construction - K-RAX Barrel Storage System Donated to the James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits

Koetter Group Donates Unique Barrel Storage System to UK’s James B. Beam Institute for Research & Education Project

The James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits is a collaboration between the UK Colleges
Independent Stave Company - Making Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for the George Washington Distillery

Crafting 120 Gallon Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for George Washington Distillery at Mt. Vernon [BrandScape]

The rich history of bourbon is part of what makes it so alluring. Ask any
Independent Stave Company - Stave Finishing

Independent Stave Machines Rough Staves to Barrel Ready Staves [BrandScape]

A logs path from the forest to a finished barrel until the time its ready
Independent Stave Company and the Boswell Family Donate $1 Million to Build Rickhouse at U of K

Independent Stave Company and the Boswell Family Donate $1 Million to Build Rickhouse at University of Kentucky [VIDEO]

“My name is Brad Boswell, I am a 4th generation cooper… my family is donating


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