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Independent Stave Company - Extractive Concentration During Maturation

Independent Stave’s 6-Year Study on ‘Extractive Concentration’ Changes During Maturation [BrandScape]

Our last post about aging whiskey on different levels of a warehouse sparked some questions
Independent Stave Company - Barrel Warehouse Experiements by Floor, Temp and Humidity

Independent Stave Co. Barrel Warehouse Experiment – Year-1 Results of a 4-Year Study on Heat & Humidity by Floor [BrandScape]

Whiskey barrel warehouses come in a variety of different styles and configurations. Palletized, dunnage, traditional
Independent Stave Company - Char Levels and Double Barreling

When it Comes to Double Barreling – Independent Stave Says Forget the Char #4 and Go Low [BrandScape]

Independent Stave Company has been crafting barrels since 1912. From all these years of making
Independent Stave Company - Making Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for the George Washington Distillery

Crafting 120 Gallon Mash Tun Fermentation Barrels for George Washington Distillery at Mt. Vernon [BrandScape]

The rich history of bourbon is part of what makes it so alluring. Ask any
Independent Stave Company - Stave Finishing

Independent Stave Machines Rough Staves to Barrel Ready Staves [BrandScape]

A logs path from the forest to a finished barrel until the time its ready
Independent Stave Company - A Field of Staves at Kentucky Cooperage, Lebanon, Kentucky

Independent Stave Takes us from the Log Yard to the Stave Mill [BrandScape]

Expertly crafting American White Oak (Quercus alba) from log to finished barrel is an age
Independent Stave Company - The Journey from the Log Yard to Barrel

Independent Stave Takes Us on the Journey from the Log Yard to Barrel [BrandScape]

It takes many years to grow an American Oak tree that will one day help
Independent Stave Company - From Forest to Barrel, Harvesting

Independent Stave Takes Us on the Journey from Forest Harvesting to Barrel [BrandScape]

For most distillers, the journey of a barrel from a tree in the woods to
Independent Stave Company - Cooperage Oak Species

Independent Stave Company: Why Use Oak for Distilled Spirits Barrels? [BrandScape]

Mention the word Oak and for the average person it brings to mind thoughts of
Independent Stave Company - Barrelling Profiling, Part 2

Independent Stave Company: Barrel Profiling – Part 2 [BrandScape]

In Barrel Profiling – Part 1, we touched on a few topics relating to the


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