AccelPay - Modern E-commerce Platform for Alcohol Payments, Compliance and Fulfillment

AccelPay empowers breweries, wineries, and distilleries of all sizes to deliver an unbeatable direct-to-consumer (DTC) experience. Our proprietary e-commerce platform can be used with any website builder or e-commerce tools.

Creating Great Customer Experiences

AccelPay allows you to take and fulfill orders easily and reliably. We have the widest network of trusted retail partners to fulfill orders directly to your customers within 24–48 hours.

We help you to simplify complex ordering to focus on what’s important – your customers. We handle compliant payment flows, order splitting, and intelligent routing so you can make more sales.

The AccelPay Advantage

Native Checkout on Your Website – Increase conversion rate with a mobile-optimized store that matches your brand and doesn’t bounce out to another site.

Large and Reliable Fulfillment Network – Provide detailed tracking updates and fast delivery to generate more repeat business and consumer trust.

Full Customer Data Ownership – Analyze the entire shopping journey from landing to purchase to make better marketing decisions and elevate ROI.

Merch + Bottles in the Same Cart – Grow your average order value with brand merch add-ons in one seamless cart and transaction.

Let Customers Subscribe & Save – Easily handle subscriptions, club memberships, and limited releases from the platform to create recurring revenue.

Managed Customer Support – Deliver a better customer experience – let our team handle all issues with ordering and communication with the consumer.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“AccelPay was key to our launch as a new brand. No other solution offered their technical and fulfillment capabilities. Would recommend them to any producer looking to accelerate their online sales.” Los Dos Tequila

“AccelPay accomplishes the DTC hat trick—simple, responsive, and relational. They have a clean design, they’re responsive to your needs, and they have relationships with the right retailers in the right markets.” Far North Spirits

“Their concept and platform have been 100% effective! It has solved so many DTC logistics and high costs on our end. I highly recommend getting on board with AccelPay!” Woody Creek Distillers

Take full control of your E-Commerce and start selling today.
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Why AccelPay? For Alcohol Brands?

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AccelPay makes it easy to grow your DTC sales.

Integrates with your existing site or E-Commerce platforms.

  • Own the full customer experience
  • No bouncing out to a sub-domain
  • Mobile-friendly branded checkout

40+ – Reach consumers in the majority of states.
20% – Average increase in DTC revenue our customers see.
0 – New web platforms needed to integrate with our software.

Deliver an unbeatable customer experience with every order.

Top reasons why your customers will love AccelPay:

  • A consistent branded shopping experience.
  • Clear and transparent order tracking info.
  • One checkout flow for both merch and bottles.
  • Orders are fulfilled quickly and reliably.

Branding – No need to build another site. We can integrate our cart directly with your existing site and match your branding perfectly.

  • Consistent customer experience
  • Fewer pieces of software to juggle
  • High-converting checkout process

Data Ownership – Own, analyze, and leverage all of your customer data from landing pages to purchase journeys.

  • Discover high-value customer cohorts
  • Understand purchasing tendencies
  • Create retargeting ads and abandon cart emails

Mobile First – Easily enable mobile-optimized checkout that turns your social media platforms into reliable sales channels.

  • Hassle-free entry of payment info
  • Link to pre-loaded carts from social ads
  • Remember repeat buyers for faster checkout

We’ll make it easy to sell directly on your site with a seamless checkout flow.

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Solutions – Fulfillment

AccelPay gets your orders shipped quickly and reliably.

The widest retailer network to fulfill your orders within 24-48 hours.

Retailer Network AccelPay automatically routes orders to our distributed network of reliable retailers to pack and ship to the customer.

  • Fast nationwide shipping available
  • Local delivery in NYC, LA, and more cities soon
  • Partner with reliable retail fulfillers

Status Update Your customers get clear and transparent updates about their shipment. You get full visibility into order and fulfillment statuses.

  • Automatically send tracking info to customers
  • 21+ delivery reminders as the shipment nears
  • Access detailed order info in your account

Support As part of your subscription, AccelPay offers world-class managed customer service to handle any issues.

  • Problems checking out or placing orders
  • Refunds, returns, and exchanges
  • Inquiries about tracking, delivery, etc.

Let AccelPay grow your reach to more customers across the United States.

Solutions – Ordering

AccelPay simplifies the complexities of DTC alcohol sales.
Conquer split orders, routing, and payments without the headaches.

Split Ordering – Want to offer multiple product types in the same shopping cart? We make it happen while keeping the customer experience easy.

  • Sell merchandise and alcohol together
  • Spirits and wine? Beer and spirits? We got you.
  • We handle splitting the fulfillment

Routing – Our intelligent order routing system finds the fastest and most reliable option for delivering a customer’s package.

  • Algorithmic routing without human bias
  • Can split orders containing multiple products
  • Adheres to complex regulatory compliance laws

Payment Logistics – We connect merchant accounts directly to licensed retailers, leaving you out of the flow of fund and keeping you compliant.

  • Stay compliant with regulatory agencies
  • Keep smaller shops in business
  • Get ahead of changing compliance bodies

Let AccelPay handle the growing pains and help your brand expand to new markets.

See how AccelPay can level up your DTC sales.
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