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Steric Systems is a Culver City, California based company that specializes in developing new technologies for the wine and spirits industry. They are the developers of The Steric Process, a patent pending system that utilizes electromagnetic energy to break down and convert specific chemical compounds in distilled spirits, elevating the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. It is effective on both aged and unaged spirits, and the processing level is adjustable to tailor superior results for each individual spirit being processed.

The Steric Process can be used to rescue flawed spirits, create unique custom flavor profiles from the same sourced or in-house distilled spirit, and subtly refine and polish premium spirits. The process is nearly instantaneous, and it can be integrated into any phase of production. Nothing is removed or added to the spirit, there is no waste stream or consumables, and alcohol proof and color remain the same. Multiple industry lab tests confirm the process has a measurable, beneficial effect on fusel and long-chain alcohols as well as oak volatiles.

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Steric Systems has developed multiple products to meet any producer’s needs, ranging from portable units that can process 300 gallons an hour to industrial scale units capable of processing 1000 gallons an hour. Steric’s tech has been praised by many industry experts including Fred Minnick, and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States – DISCUS announced Steric as the winner of the Innovation of the Year Award at their 2023 Conference.

How the Steric System Process Works

The Steric Process works by pumping the spirit through a unique patent-pending electromagnetic field. By adjusting the parameters of the field, the process can be tailored to improve the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of any particular spirit. The electromagnetic energy acts on a molecular level, breaking down and converting specific compounds in the spirit. The process is used to elevate a number of qualities of the spirit, including:

  • Reducing or removing undesirable qualities, such as over-oaked notes, overly tannic notes, etc.
  • Better integrating the various flavor notes in the spirit, giving it better balance, and improving the overall tasting experience.
  • Reducing harshness and retro-nasal burn.
  • Reducing or eliminating the “industrial nose” or acetone notes in neutral grain spirits.

Is it Affordable?

It is very affordable because you pay based on the quantity you process. For large and medium sized operations with machines permanently installed on-site, we have no upfront cost leases that include a generous allowance of processed gallons per month. For smaller operations, or customers who only need to process several barrels or totes on a less regular basis, we charge very reasonable rates to bring our portable machine to your facility along with a Steric operator who will help you build your custom taste profiles and run the machine during processing.

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Fred Minnick - Best Selling Spirits Author
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“Steric Systems absolutely ameliorated the flavor profile of a wood-forward bourbon, perhaps carving out a unique solution to the bourbon world—getting rid of the over-oaked note… Their tech… has opened my palate to the idea that there is a place for new systems in whiskey.
Fred Minnick – Whiskey Critic and Best-Selling Spirits Author

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