Steric Systems Inc. - PureSmooth polishes distilled spirits to reduce alcohol burn, balance flavors, and improve mouth feel

Steric Systems believes in honoring the traditions of the past while harnessing the technology of the future for distilled spirits. Steric Systems has developed a patent-pending process for distilled spirits that dramatically reduces burn and harshness, while opening up flavors, enhancing aroma, improving mouth feel of both aged and unaged spirits.

The Steric Puresmooth process is a proprietary technology that employs electromagnetic energy to modify spirits on a molecular level. It is not filtration; nothing is added or removed, and there is no waste stream. There is nothing physically added or removed from the spirit. The process takes seconds and happens at ambient temperature and pressure. And the proof remains the same.

Unlock Your Spirits’ Fullest Potential with Steric

We believe in helping each distiller and spirit realize its full potential. The Steric Systems PureSmooth™ process is a method of “polishing” distilled spirits. It works on both aged and unaged spirits; while the complexities imparted by oak into barrel aged spirits give the process a larger canvas to work with, the effect on vodka and gin is also quite significant. The processing parameters are fully adjustable for each individual spirit, and allows us to deliver multiple expressions with different profiles for each individual spirit.

PureSmooth uses electromagnetic energy to affect the spirit on a molecular level, breaking down some of the long-chain fusel alcohols as well as other compounds. The resulting change to the spirit is permanent. Some of the resulting chemical and sensory changes can also occur during aging, but yet again, PureSmooth is not rapid aging nor is it a time machine. As an analogy we refer to it as “electronic filtration”, but strictly speaking PureSmooth is not a filter in the literal sense. Nothing is physically removed from the spirit during the process nor is anything added to it. PureSmooth does not lower the proof of the spirit.

The method for doing this is patent pending and proprietary. While we understand the desire to know exactly how we do it, our IP is the core of our business and as such we keep it closely guarded. What we like to emphasize and point to are the results of the PureSmooth process which can be seen in lab test results and verified by tasting panels. We encourage anyone interested to experience, test, and verify those results for themselves by contacting us to arrange for processing samples of their own products.

Our proprietary electromagnetic process uses portable or installed high-volume machines to process from 300 gallons to over 1000 gallons per hour.

Ready to Taste the Difference?

Send us your samples and we’ll send you back your processed spirit, or we can send you our sample kit.

What Does Steric Systems Do and Can I Control It?

The Steric Process improves the flavor, mouth feel, and overall quality of unaged or aged distilled spirits. You pick the desired processing intensity level from 1-100 to find the optimal setting for your unique spirits. For spirits with common flaws such as being over-oaked, over-tannic, have an over-astringent mouth feel, or just kind of “funky”, the Steric Process helps to polish the flaws to help bring out the best in your spirits. For already high-quality spirits, the Steric Process can help bring your spirits to the next level and ensure consistency from batch to batch.

Is it Affordable?

It is very affordable because you pay based on the quantity you process. For large and medium sized operations with machines permanently installed on-site, we have no upfront cost leases that include a generous allowance of processed gallons per month. For smaller operations, or customers who only need to process several barrels or totes on a less regular basis, we charge very reasonable rates to bring our portable machine to your facility along with a Steric operator who will help you build your custom taste profiles and run the machine during processing.

Is it Like Rapid-Aging? No!

In a word, no. And just to be clear, no it has nothing to do with rapid aging. Our process works on both aged and unaged, brown and clear spirits. Our process has an effect on the spirit at the molecular level using electromagnetic energy only. We DO NOT use high pressure, low pressure, or vacuums, high or low temperatures, flavor concentrates, additives, chemicals, filters, lights, ultrasound or any other of the myriad of other things used in attempts to create a finished spirit by rapid aging. Some of the elements in younger aged spirits that can be affected by the Process will also change as the spirit ages naturally, while other elements will not.

What Can You Do for My ‘Premium Spirits’?

The Steric Process is another tool in your distiller’s toolbox. The process is precisely controllable and gives you the opportunity to optimize all of the flavors and subtleties already in your spirits by unveiling those that may be subdued, and then balancing them together to make a great spirit even better. For high-quality sourced spirits, we can enhance the flavors while differentiating your brand on the crowded shelves. We are currently working with producers who are using the Steric process on their super-premium spirits selling for $250+ per bottle. We don’t just fix broken spirits; we optimize all spirits.

Let’s Take Your Spirits to Their Full Potential

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Fred Minnick - Best Selling Spirits Author
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“Steric Systems absolutely ameliorated the flavor profile of a wood-forward bourbon, perhaps carving out a unique solution to the bourbon world—getting rid of the over-oaked note… Their tech… has opened my palate to the idea that there is a place for new systems in whiskey.
Fred Minnick – Whiskey Critic and Best-Selling Spirits Author

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