Bardstown the Book - A Book by Kim Huston

This Tale from the Trail takes us on a photographic journey to Bardstown, Kentucky. To whiskey fans the town is best known as the ‘Bourbon Capital of the World’. It’s a nickname that’s quite appropriate as Bardstown and Nelson County are home to nearly a dozen distilleries that range from historic distilleries dating back to the mid-1800s to ultra modern distilleries that are as sleek as a Tesla.

Bourbon and rye whiskey may be what attracts thousands of visitors to town but once they arrive they discover a small town feeling that most didn’t know still existed. That is probably why USA Today and Rand McNally named Bardstown “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America”. It’s a recognition that fits not just for the historic bourbon distilleries but for the idyllic “Norman Rockwell-esque,” Main Street, shops, cobblestone paths and classic American architecture.

Perhaps the biggest champion for the town is Kim Huston. Huston is President and C.O.O. at Nelson County Economic Development. For her she has the best job in the world as she gets to spend her days bragging about her small town, its southern hospitality and neighborly charm. Huston so loves the town that she wrote a book about her love affair with Bardstown. This new book is simply called ‘BARDSTOWN‘. The book is a photographic journey that brings the town to life and takes readers from the downtown to the farmland with images of events and celebrations and many stunning never-before-published aerial views. (Click any image to enlarge.)

Bardstown the Book - Bardstown Court Square comes to life at night
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Bardstown Court Square comes to life at night.

Huston chronicles her lifelong love affair with Bardstown in 161 poignant images from the most talented photographers who call Bardstown and Nelson County home. It’s a well thought out collection of photos that only the locals could take. It captures the essence, personality and soul of this enchanting small town and illustrates what makes Bardstown such an inviting place to spend a day or even a lifetime.

“This book celebrates my love affair with Bardstown, a community I consider to be the epitome of an idyllic small town,” said Huston. “Each day I hear visitors marvel about what they have discovered, and I beam every time they brag on Bardstown like a proud parent whose child just won a beauty pageant.

“This book has been in my head ever since Bardstown was named ‘Most Beautiful Small Town in America’ in 2012. I remember the Travel Channel judges Nikki and Dusty Green telling me that we were chosen because Bardstown was beautiful on the inside and out, meaning we were more than just a downtown with historic houses, but we were the epitome of an idyllic small town. It was the vision I got from that comment that was the inspiration for the book.

“This book is for everyone. It was designed for those who live here, lived here, moved here or are just passing through. Its audience is endless.”

Bardstown the Book - A blue-sky aerial view of Heaven Hill Distillery
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Heaven Hill Distillery.

Huston allowed us to share a few of our favorite photos from the book. These are just a few of the 161 photos that light up the book. And like a good coffee table book, it’s a book you literally want to get your hands on. It’s a hefty, full color book with the word BARDSTOWN embossed on its cover. In other words it not only looks good but it feels good in your hands. You’ll want to pour your favorite bourbon neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail and daydream about visiting this beautiful small town.

BARDSTOWN is available in many shops, restaurants and distilleries around Bardstown as well as online at Bardstown the Book or Butler Books.

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