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Glencoe Distillery represents the “The Spirits of the West embodied in the Mountains by smoke, outlaws, horses and grit.” At Glencoe, we are focused on creating high quality craft spirits including rum, vodka, gin, coffee liqueur and whiskey as an expression of the Southern Rocky Mountains and High Desert of New Mexico. The locale is rich in grains, fruit and nut orchards and botanicals from the fertile Rio Ruidoso, Rio Hondo and Rio Bonito, Pecos and Rio Grande Valleys. Our handmade distilled spirits are also inspired by the region’s recreation and creative energy.

Craft Spirits Made for Four Seasons and Five Senses

Glencoe Distillery’s dream is to create spirited beverages that celebrate the culture of our environs, economies of place, and diversity with a southwestern flair. All of the cocktails at the Glencoe Distillery Tasting Room are inspired by New Mexico’s four distinct seasons and the five senses…with a complexity and depth guaranteed to activate the sixth sense in all of us.

Let’s Build a Distillery – A Tale of Two Couples, Four Friends

Two couples, the best of friends, decided to build Glencoe Distillery together in 2015. Will and Rebecca Ponder, and Glen and Sherry Barrow teamed up to create Glencoe Distillery and Tasting Rooms to compliment each of their respective businesses. The Ponders have Sacred Grounds Coffee and Tea House and The Annex, a 4000 square foot restaurant, gift shop, lounge and entertainment venue located in the resort town of Ruidoso New Mexico. Glen and Sherry Barrow are proprietors of Woodswan, located about 10 miles east of Ruidoso in Glencoe, New Mexico. Woodswan is a 20,000 square foot organic fine furniture manufacturing center with a nationwide client base. Glencoe Distillery is located at the Glencoe Property on US Highway 70.

A Distillery in the Land of Enchantment

Why build a distillery? Simply said, the four friends love the south central mountains of New Mexico. We are talking serious love. So much love that they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives investing and celebrating the region in word and deed. Sierra Blanca, a 12,000 foot peak rising out of the surrounding high desert in Lincoln County New Mexico, and The Village of Ruidoso in particular, serve as sanctuary for thousands of visitors and residents year round.

The historic tales of Billy the Kid, Geronimo and Black Jack Pershing draw international travelers to the Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway. Snow skiing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping and fishing seduce the recreational crowd. Ruidoso Downs Racetrack, Billy the Kid Casino and the Inn of the Mountain Gods’ Casinos call to equine aficionados and those looking to wager. Clean pine scented mountain air, brooks, creeks and rivers feed the crops, orchards, fish and wildlife.

Smoke is a theme throughout the region. Not only from occasional wildfires that plague the western states, but campfire smoke, and don’t forget smoke from grilling, barbecue and the roasting of green and red chili! Visitors and residents make memories and fall in love with New Mexico every day. The former is just a sampling of the essence of the Land of Enchantment. The four friends of Glencoe Distillery are attempting to capture that essence and bottle it for you!

Bottling the Essence of Land of the Enchantment for You

Glencoe Distillery - Midtown Ruidoso in Winter
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Together, the four friends of Glencoe Distillery are attempting to capture that essence of New Mexico by fermenting, distilling, aging and bottling the finest craft spirits this Land of Enchantment can create for you.

Glencoe Distillery Spirits

Glencoe Distillery - GlenWillis American Single Malt, Sacred Ground Coffee Liqueur, Aquila, Lemon Flavor Vodka, Cucumber Vodka, Silver Vodka
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  • GlenWillis American Single Malt Whiskey 
  • GlenWillis Applewood Smoked American Single Malt Whiskey
  • GlenWillis Aquila – Blue Agave spirit available in 80° or 110° proof. 
  • Now available: Wine Barrel Aged Aquila
  • GinWillis Gin
  • Clearly Silver Vodka
  • Clearly Cucumber Vodka
  • Clearly Cherry Vodka
  • Clearly Lemon Vodka
  • Sacred Grounds Coffee Liqueur

Visit the Glencoe Distillery & Tasting Rooms

Glencoe Distillery & Tasting Room
27495 US Highway 70
Glencoe, NM 88324
Phone: 575-430-2325

Days / Hours:
Days Open: Thursday – Saturday
Hours: 1:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Tours will begin in the Summer. Call ahead for details.

Glencoe Distillery Tasting Room at Sacred Grounds Lounge
2704 Sudderth Drive
Ruidoso, NM 88345
Phone: 575-257-2273

Days / Hours:
Sunday, Monday, Thursday 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday   12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Glencoe Distillery is a proud member of the New Mexico Distillers Guild.

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