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Ferm Solutions offers distilleries, breweries and wineries yeast, enzymes, technical support and hands-on training.

We are a small family owned company with a large footprint around country and around the world. When it comes to distilled and craft spirits we pride ourselves in not only selling the fermentation products and services that will help make you successful but, we are drinking the Kool-Aid, or in this case the bourbon, rum and vodka. You see not only do we sell the products you need for fermentation; we use them ourselves in our own craft spirits distillery.

Your One-Stop Resource for High Quality Spirits Production

Yeasts, Enzymes and Antimicrobials

Ferm Solutions provides over 200 yeast strains for distilled spirits including vodka, rum, whiskey and bourbon. Our high performance yeast strains were selected for their excellent flavor profiles and performance in fermentation, resulting in high quality, flavorful products. An added benefit of our yeast strains is their ability to withstand higher temperatures than some traditional strains and can ferment successfully in high gravity mashes.

Fermentation of grain-based feedstocks requires enzymes to convert starch to fermentable sugars, used by the yeast to produce ethanol. We offer two different enzymes (alpha- and glucoamylase) for starch and dextrin conversion to for maximum production and yields. Any unconverted starch or dextrins at the end of fermentation equates to lost revenue, so enzymes are a great way to improve yield and production.

Lab Services

Ferm Solutions offers a wide array of lab services focused around the fermentation process. From microbiological testing aimed at yeast health or microbial contamination to analytical services to determine success in fermentation, Ferm Solutions has got you covered. Below is a list of services, but others are available upon request.

  • Bacterial Analysis (includes isolation of contaminants, gram stain, enumeration and reporting)
  • Lab Scale Fermentations
  • HPLC Analysis (residual sugars, ethanol content, glycerol and organic acids in fermentation and stillage samples)
  • Solids (% dry matter)
  • pH
  • Molecular Identification of Yeast and Bacteria

Training for Startups, Craft Distilleries and New Hires

Continuing education is an important part of our relationship with customers. We know the success of any operation starts with the most important asset, its people. We offer a wide range of training, from beginner to professional level, on a variety of topics relative to the process of making beverage alcohol. Some of the topics discussed include feedstock selection, conversion of complex carbohydrates, fermentation and sugar utilization, bacterial contamination, and distillation.

Training is available for small start-up distilleries to distilleries that are ready to make the leap to the next level to larger distilleries looking for help training new employees. Classes offered include,

  • Bourbon 101 – For novice and beginner aficionado’s. Bourbon 101 is periodically offered throughout the year. This is a 3 hour class.
  • Expert Process Training (Fermentation & Distillation) – For experienced distillery personnel. This class is offered periodically throughout the year or by request. Course length can range from half a day up to 2 full days.
  • Custom Training and Consulting Services – We offer a full range of consulting services from hourly rates for general process questions and problem solving as well as project-based services for distillery start-ups, mash bill calculations and yeast strain selection, and/or process optimization.

If you are leaving sugar behind, you are leaving money behind. We can help to optimize your yield.
~Shane Baker, Co-Founder and CEO

We Provide Yeast, Enzymes and
Training to 100s of Distilleries.

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