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Event Speaker: Kobe Desmet

Kobe Desmet

Kobe Desmet is a Belgian that made agave his life and passion. He became a spirits importer and ambassador after 10 years of working behind the bar. As he learned more about every category of spirits, he became intrigued with agave and agave spirits in general. Kobe learned as much as possible about the plant, the history, the production process, and all the beverages made from agave. This resulted in receiving a Tequila Maestro Diploma from the CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila), writing a book (Tequila & Mezcal: The Complete Guide), and ultimately moving to Mexico to be fully submerged into the world of Agave. Now living in Guadalajara, Kobe is frequently traveling across Mexico to learn even more about this mystical plant, the value it has for the population, and the final products you can obtain with it.

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