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The RSCork Company specializes in corks & closures for the wine and distilled spirits industries offering a broad range of nature-friendly products, adjusted delivery time and tailor-made sizes exclusively for each customer. We are a family-owned company with nearly 20 years of knowledge in the cork industry.

We work with several certified companies, all specialized in different areas of cork production. From traditional corks, natural, colmated, agglomerated, 1+1, champagne, capsulated, and micro agglomerated. We have specialized professional knowledge and experience to offer the right seal for your distilled spirits bottles on competitive terms. We currently have an internationally consolidated distribution network allowing us to provide custom cork orders worldwide.

RSCork is committed to the success and development of our company, our suppliers, and our customers. We are always exploring new technologies to further improve our product in developing strong partnerships with our customers.

Our focus also includes the defense of nature and respect for the essential measures to its preserve through respect for the environment and the sustainability of our products and services.

Corks and Closures for Distilled Spirits

RScork - Custom Corks for Distilled Spirits
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RScork - Cork with Capsule, Topper
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Cork with Capsule – The Cork with Capsule is designed for liqueurs, spirits, whiskey, sake and other fortified wines. They can be produced with natural cork, colmated, agglomerated or micro agglomerated placing on its top generally a plastic or wood capsule. Their main advantage is the ideal easy reuse for manual bottling.

RSCork - Customized Cork
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Customized Corks – The development of all types of products manufactured to fit each need. Since the common tapered cork, through the specialty cork, all the features of raw materials and sizes are possible to accomplish.

RSCork - Natural Cork Stoppers
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Natural Cork Stoppers – Made from the first choices of raw material “Quercus suber,” the Natural cork is the most appropriate choice for bottling of high quality wines. The efficiency in bottling is proven by the oxygen transfer in the correct measure maturation and the protection exerted on the oxidation of wines by the bottle. The natural cork stopper is fully recyclable, biodegradable and renewable and is in line with the main parameters of environmental protection. Available in different visual grades.

RSCork - Colmated Corks
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Colmated Corks – The colmated cork stopper is a choice for the bottler who wants to keep the technical characteristics of natural cork but with a more affordable price. Basically, it’s cork with less visual quality where is placed a water-based adhesive agent approved by the food industry added with cork particles, so that this solution satisfies the imperfections effectively. This also increases the sealing ability of this category.

RSCork - Micro Agglomerated Cork Stoppers
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Micro Agglomerated Cork Stoppers – Produced by micro granules together with agglutinative and additives for agglomeration, the technical cork is produced by individual molding technology, keeping the popular appeal and traditional natural cork combined with the performance of a technical cork with high range. Suitable for wine with some complexity to an estimated consumption up to 2 years after bottling. Also used in sparkling wines of high pressure.

RSCork - Agglomerated Technical Corks (1+1)
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Agglomerated Technical Corks (1+1) – Agglomerated Technical Corks (1+1) is constituted by a body of cork agglomerate and two discs of natural cork at each end. These discs give a resemblance to Natural Cork Stoppers, but with most affordable rates. Since it is a very resistant mechanically cork, it may be placed on wine for consumption up to 3 years.

RSCork - Agglomerated Cork Stoppers
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Agglomerated Cork Stoppers – The agglomerated cork is obtained by extruding a mixture of cork granules / agglutinative and additives for agglomeration. It is ideal for high rotation wines to estimated consumption of 6 months after bottling. The price factor combined with excellent performance make this product a perfect ally in this kind of bottling lines.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, a few 20Km of our Vila Nova de Gaia headquarters.

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