Brown-Forman Breaks Ground at Slane Distillery

Two historic families rich in history one from the United States and one from Ireland have come together and broken ground on a new Irish Whiskey venture – Slane Distillery. Brown-Forman Corporation, which has been in the spirits business since 1870 and is still 70% family owned, has joined forces with Henry Conyngham, the eighth Marquess Conyngham, and his son, Alex Conyngham, the Earl of Mount Charles. who has owned the Slane Castle Estate for centuries to build a new $50 million distillery.

Alex Conyngham said, “Our family has been part of the Slane community for many generations and we are pleased to join forces with Brown-Forman to bring our special part of Ireland to the world. Our commitment to caring for our land, cultivating barley, and our family legacy are consistent with Brown-Forman’s long-term approach to whiskey making, and we believe that this aligned approach will bring great success.”

Slane Distillery Groundbreaking, Slane Castle, Ireland

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