Old Dominick Distillery - Master Distiller and Senior Vice President Alex Castle

When Old Dominick Distillery made its first batch of Tennessee Whiskey back in 2016 it was the first time since Prohibition that anyone legally made whiskey in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The distiller for that first batch was Alex Castle. She came to Memphis by way of Kentucky where she worked as a shift supervisor for Wild Turkey. When she made the move south in 2015 she became the first female Head Distiller in the state of Tennessee where her journey continues.

Christopher Canale Jr., President of Old Dominick Distillery and its parent company, D. Canale & Co. has announced Alex Castle is now Senior Vice President and Master Distiller of Old Dominick Distillery.

“Alex has been with Old Dominick from the very start. Everyone knows she produces great spirits, but what everyone doesn’t know is that she has been instrumental in the creation and development of every aspect of the business. She is more than a dedicated employee. This promotion is merely a formality to reflect in title what she is already doing and has been doing daily for Old Dominick.”

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Castle will now oversee all distillery operations inside the company’s 50,000 square-foot set of historic industrial buildings to ensure goals set forth in accordance with the company’s strategic plans are being met. Castle will work daily with distillery team members and department leads, evaluating the eco-systems in place to make certain the success of the organization, and success of individual employees.

“Four years ago, I moved to Memphis to help build not only the Old Dominick brand, but also the Old Dominick Distillery. Since then, I have loved witnessing our brand grow and thrive,” said Alex Castle. “In that time, we’ve created and released multiple products, filled over 1,000 barrels of whiskey, and grown our team by more than double. It has been a wild and crazy journey, and I look forward to continuing this journey with Old Dominick as the new Senior Vice President.”

In January of 2019, Castle was promoted to Master Distiller overseeing all facets of production at Old Dominick Distillery. Castle also serves on the board of the Tennessee Distiller’s Guild and Tennessee Whiskey Trail and is a member of the Tennessee Bourbon Women Chapter.

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