Authors: Steve Coomes, Kim Huston, Mike Mangeot
Steve Coomes is an award-winning freelance writer and book author covering the spirits and restaurant industries. A former chef, Coomes has written and/or ghostwritten four books including Country Ham: A Southern Tradition of Hogs, Salt & Smoke, and The Home Distiller’s Guide to Spirits.

Kim Huston is President of the Nelson County Economic Development Agency (NCEDA). As the author of the book, Small Town Sexy: The Allure of Living in Small Town America, Huston travels across the country speaking on small town economic development potential based on Bardstown’s successes.
Mike Mangeot is the Kentucky Commissioner of Tourism and former Executive Director of the Bardstown Nelson County Tourism Commission. Mike has served as President and CEO of the Kentucky Association for Economic Development.

Welcome to Bardstown, KY: The Bourbon Capital of the World®

Bourbon’s popularity is now a global phenomenon, but you need only look at Bardstown, Kentucky, to see its remarkable and evolving impacts. This historic city of 13,500 people is booming as a result, but it’s also enduring growing pains.
The economic impacts from a massive influx of tourists to what is now America’s bourbon epicenter are positive on many levels, but with those crowds comes pressure on infrastructure, services and accommodations. The demand for hotels, bars and restaurants is at an all-time high, and investors from across the globe are addressing those needs. 
Still, as a two-century-old Kentucky cultural and entertainment center – long before it was discovered by bourbon drinkers – many locals want to ensure the traditional Bardstown experience doesn’t disappear amid novel entertainment options.
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