Water and Wines Puzzles - Kentucky & Tennessee 1,000 Piece Whiskey Puzzle

Puzzled about what to get the bourbon or rye whiskey lover? How about a nice set of whiskey stones. We have them and they work great. They help to level out the dish drying rack in the kitchen. As for chilling your glass of bourbon we’ll take a hard (as stone) pass on that. Now, let’s consider something that will not only make for a wonderful gift but more importantly wonderful memories.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we agree, especially when it’s a hand drawn picture of Kentucky and Tennessee distilleries. Now, cut that picture into 1,000-pieces and you have the latest puzzle release from Water & Wine.

This intricately detailed Kentucky & Tennessee 1000 Whiskey Puzzle map takes puzzlers through the beating heart of America’s bourbon and rye whiskey country, uncovering local distilleries and landmarks that define Southern whiskey culture. As you assemble the puzzle you’ll uncover Whiskey Thief Distilling, Speyside Cooperage, Jack Daniel Distillery, Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery, Woodford Reserve Distillery and many more spirits stalwarts.

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“Our goal with this puzzle was transporting people right into the homes and stomping grounds of America’s most beloved bourbon and whiskey distilleries,” said Mathilde Iwar, Co-Founder at Water & Wines. “It’s not just a puzzle, it’s an in-depth journey through American whiskey history and heritage.”

In addition to the 1,000-piece jigsaw whiskey map, each puzzle includes special extras printed on the box to keep the conversation, memories and whiskey flowing.

  • A collection of iconic bourbon cocktail recipes
  • A guide to whiskey tasting notes and terminology
  • An illustrated explanation of the distillation process
  • A full-size poster of the puzzle’s artwork
  • A box stand for comfortable puzzling
  • And of course the 1,000 piece puzzle.

The puzzle’s charming illustrations were created by artist Sophie Haza, capturing the essence of Kentucky and Tennessee’s whiskey trails and culture, with a special attention to iconic figures of each state.

Manufactured in the USA and printed on recycled paper with high quality inks, the puzzle features a velvet finish for a no-glare, soft-touch experience. The 1,000 piece Kentucky & Tennessee 1000 Whiskey Puzzle has a suggested retail price of $49 and can be ordered here.

“Bourbon isn’t just a spirit, it’s woven into the fabric of Southern culture,” said Mathilde. “With playful learning through this puzzle, we wanted to honor that rich legacy and bring a little Southern hospitality into homes nationwide.”

How to Make Memories with Your Whiskey Puzzle

It’s not really about making the puzzle. It’s about the time you spend with friends and family making the puzzle that will build long lasting memories. Perhaps the best way to tell the story of sharing time together, telling stories and sipping whiskey is told by VIP Tour Guide Freddie Johnson in the movie Neat: The Story of Bourbon. Freddie Johnson is the third generation of Johnson’s to work at Buffalo Trace Distillery in FrankfortKentucky. Hear him tell the tale of spending time sharing bourbon with his father Jimmy Johnson (1916-2011) in his own words.

“When Dad rolled out the 6 millionth barrel, Julian Van Winkle gave me as a gift to my Dad this bottle of 20-year-old bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. So, I take the bottle and I open it up. I pour a little bit in his glass; pour a little in my brother’s glass and pour some in my glass.

Buffalo Trace Distillery - 6 Millionth Barrel, May 14, 2008
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6 Millionth Barrel – May 14, 2008. Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee, Master Distiller Gary Gayheart, Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley, Warehouse Supervisor Jimmy Johnson (2nd Generation Employee), Buffalo Trace President/CEO Mark Brown (L to R).

“And I go to put the stopper back in the bottle and he looks at me and gives me this weird look. He says, “What on earth are you doing?’ I said Dad I don’t understand, this is a really, really good bottle of bourbon, it’s really being sought after.

“He said, “I’m aware of that.” I said, so what I’m thinking is that I’m saving it so we can do more toasts later on. He said, “Never ever do that with friends and family. There will always be more old barrels of bourbon being made. Look at me and look at your brother. We are the fragile part of this whole thing. So never ever save old bottles of bourbon. They are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family at the moment.

“It was the first time that my father and my brother and I had spent three hours together, just us, talking, laughing.

“We had the best time. We finished the bottle. Nine months later they were both gone.”
~ Buffalo Trace Distillery VIP Tour Guide and Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Member Freddie Johnson

Now is the time to go to the back of the closet to get out that old card table, the one that always pinches your finger. Set it up, dump out the puzzle, and gather round with your friends and family, pour your favorite old bottle of Kentucky Bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey and make memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers!

You can order your own copy of the Kentucky & Tennessee 1000 Whiskey Puzzle here.

Water and Wines Puzzles - Kentucky & Tennessee 1,000 Piece Whiskey Puzzle Box Cover
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Kentucky & Tennessee Whiskey puzzle box cover.

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