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04mayAll Day05FeaturedNosing for Faults: Advanced Sensory AnalysisMoonshine University, Louisville, KY

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Master the skills to take your products to the next level of consistency and quality. This two day course thoroughly examines the use of sensory analysis methods in distillate production, product development, and quality control. Both days will contain a theoretical as well as a practical component whereby participants will take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in a lab setting.

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  • Classroom Instruction
  • Sensory training practicum in laboratory setting

Course Objectives

To train participants in sensory analysis methods to enable them to find faults, troubleshoot, and develop consistent, quality products. To coach participants through demonstrations and practice to develop a sensory quality control program for their own professional environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the interaction between nose, tongue, and brain.
  • Students will be able to prepare a sensory analysis appropriate for the type of distillate and environment.
  • Students will be able to distinguish among the different sensory analysis methodologies and know the pros and cons of each.
  • Students will train to detect the development off flavors and taints during production and find causes, symptoms and remedies.
  • Students will study technologies used to aid sensory analysis.
  • Students will practice detecting faults at different thresholds.
  • Students will learn best practices for developing their own sensory quality control program.

Tuition: $2,495 USD

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may 4 (Monday) - 5 (Tuesday) EST


Moonshine University, Louisville, KY

Distilled Spirits Epicenter, 801 South 8th Street, Louisville, KY 40203, United States

Moonshine University, Louisville, KYDistilled Spirits Epicenter, 801 South 8th Street, Louisville, KY 40203, United States

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