Southern Distilling Company - How to Make a Double Shot Coffee Bourbon Cream Liqueur with a Reese's Cup Cocktail

What to do with all that Halloween candy? Hmm, well we’ve got a tasty answer. Search through that bag and dig out a Reese’s cup and we’ll turn your findings from amazing to double shot amazing.

Blend those leftover Reese’s Cups with a Double Shot Coffee Bourbon Cream Liqueur and you will double your taste buds. This creamy coffee bourbon liqueur is a perfected blend of rich, delicious cream and sweet whiskey, with a hint of espresso-roast coffee flavor.

We have all the candy you need this Halloween with our Reese’s Cup shot!



  • Rim your glass with chocolate syrup.
  • In a shaker mix bourbon cream liqueur, whiskey and frangelico ingredients together.
  • Add ice and shake to mix.
  • Pour into glass, top with whipped cream and Reese’s Cup.


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