EOSYS - Case Study - Production Management at Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee

A Double Shot of Digital Transformation Jack Daniel’s, the famous Tennessee whiskey brand, operates a large bottling plant in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The plant is responsible for bottling and packaging the company’s various whiskey brands, including Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 and Gentleman Jack. To manage production and quality, the plant relies heavily on TrakSYS, their sophisticated manufacturing execution system (MES).

When Jack Daniel’s aimed to enhance tank level visibility, they collaborated with EOSYS Group – Controls & Software to upgrade their manufacturing execution system. Though seemingly straight forward, engagement with multiple stakeholders revealed additional complexities and opportunities.

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EOSYS Group - Bottle Line at Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee
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The statement of work called for a tank level dashboard and all necessary systems integration components to capture data and provide real-time visibility. Given the complexity of tanks and piping leading to bottling lines, Jack Daniel’s and EOSYS employed an agile approach to manage the project.

EOSYS Group - Controls and Software - Intern Andrew Rose
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DX Engineer Project Lead Andrew Rose.

Using scrum (a brand of agile) enabled the team to swiftly identify and address issues without waiting for extensive development cycles. They promptly delivered a minimum viable product for the cross-functional Jack Daniel’s team to evaluate and provide feedback. Rapid progress was made, with enhancements deployed multiple times per day. The agile process encouraged the cross-functional team to innovate and identify ways to make better decisions using the new information, such as optimizing changeover planning. Embracing an agile approach facilitated innovation and allowed the team to focus on delivering the most value, even for items not initially in the scope. This resulted in a more valuable project at a lower cost without the need for change orders.

“The collaboration with EOSYS and the agile methodology they used allowed flexibility and most importantly adaptability to our current situation which allowed different departments’ stakeholders to collaborate regarding the best solution that benefited all departments and the bottom line.”
Jennifer Crabtree, Maintenance Manager – Jack Daniel’s Bottling

By adopting agile principles and digital transformation technologies, companies like Jack Daniel’s can stay nimble and responsive to the ever-changing demands of their industry.

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