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Forsyths are a world leader in the supply of distillation equipment. To this day they still employ the hand hammering techniques of forefathers to form copper into beautifully shaped pot stills. This allows them to offer pots of any contour or size to meet the demand of customers. Improved technology has helped along the way to provide better joining methods and to make the process more efficient and less labour intensive, but the art and craft of the skilled coppersmiths remain vital to the production of the equipment.

Forsyths Distillation EquipmentAlexander Forsyth served his time as a coppersmith back in the 1890’s before buying the business from Willison. His son, returning from service in the 2nd world war, took over the running of the business. The family have continued trading ever since, with Richard (3rd generation) taking the business through diversification into oil/gas and the expansion of distillation to a much larger global scale. 4th generation, Richard Ernest, joined the company in 2007 as Managing Director.

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Originally only operating in the whisky industry of Speyside, you can now find Forsyths equipment on every continent making whisky, bourbon, rum, vodka, brandy, gin, tequila and GNS to mention a few. Our experience in distillation is now recognised worldwide. Many spirit based drinks around the globe owe their unique but consistent characters to our know-how.  You can find at Forsyths, we provide equipment for startup distilleries as well as replacement parts for the established distilleries worldwide. Forsyths are able to offer these new clients a turnkey project from raw materials in to new make spirit out. Over the last century we have developed a comprehensive range of services including:

The Forsyths Line of Distillation Equipment Includes,

Pot Stills

Forsyths Distillation Equipment BrochureTo this day, we still employ the traditional hand hammering techniques of our forefathers to form copper into beautiful pot stills. This allows us to offer pots of any contour or size that our clients desire. Improved technology has made the process more efficient and less labour intensive, but the art and craft of our skilled coppersmiths remain vital to the production of our equipment.

Our pots range from 50L to 45,000L charge capacity using direct flame firing, steam coil, steam jacket, external exchanger, electric element or electric hotplate as the heat source.

We offer still head in any shape with the main three styles being ogee, lamp glass and boil ball. All are finished with a sweeping swan neck.

Providing equipment to both the boutique craft distillers as well as the established drinks conglomerates, some of the world’s finest spirits are made with our pots.

Column Stills

Forsyths process design and build continuous column stills for whisky, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka, GNU baijiu (sorghum wine) and kaoliang (jiggery liquor.) Columns can be built in copper or stainless steel.

Hybrid Stills

The high volume distillers generally have dedicated stills and systems for a certain type of product. More common in the craft distilling space is to have flexible equipment to enable multiple products to be made in one distillation system.

Hybrid stills are generally a combination of pot and column stills interlinked with piping, instruments and valves. Different valve arrangements give different process paths, with each path containing their own distillation properties for the spirit to be made.

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