This is just about the coolest infographic ever. It was created long before the internet ever existed and it was created by the United States Forest Service. I’m sure Regional Engineer for the U.S.

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Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Region 8, Regional Engineer, J. Ketchum never thought he’d be a famous mixologist one day. Well, now is his time to shine!

Maybe this was assigned by his superiors or maybe Mr. Ketchum had some time to kill. Either way, we are glad he took to time to create this modern day mixologists masterpiece.

This is huge and takes a few minutes to comprehend. Take a close look at the center of the infographic “Details” section and “Cocktail Construction” details in the middle of the page before you get started.

How to read the Cocktail Construction Chart

1. Assemblies – These are the cocktail recipes from Old Fashioned to Rum & Cola.
2. Details – Fresh add ons from cherries and oranges to a sprig of mint.
3. Ingredients – These are all the liquids from Grenadine, soda, passion fruit to rum and bourbon.
4. Assemblies – More of the good stuff from a Zombie to a High Ball. For those young whipper snappers out there, there were Zombies way back in the 70’s.
5. And finally, the legend – Includes dates that recipes were checked along with their checkers like I. Mixum and I.P. Freely.
6. Bonus – All this is drawn to a common scale = None.

Most important tip…

No matter what you mix, take care – the drink you mix may be your own!


Click the image to see a full size version. It’s huge!

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