Ann Arbor Distilling - Water Hill Currant Liqueur and Water Hill Cherry Liqueur

Ann Arbor Distilling Co. has released two new brandy based fruit liqueurs. The two are from their new Water Hill Fruit Liqueur line and include Currant and Cherry.

The Liqueur Line Starts with a Brandy

The Water Hill Cherry Liqueur is made with Michigan grown cherries. The liqueur begins with Ann Arbor Distilling Co’s Cherry Brandy and a “delectable blend of sweet and tart cherry juice, transforming our crystalline brandy into a deep, ruby liqueur.” says Master Distiller John Britton.

Ann Arbor Distilling
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The Water Hill Currant Liqueur is made with a blend of Michigan grown red and black currants. Similar to the cherry, “the currant liqueur begins with a brandy made completely from currants. A blend of red and black currant juice is distilled, resulting in a deep purple liqueur that is both luxuriously rich and earthy.”

Future Water Hill Fruit Liqueur flavors will include cranberry, blackberry, and raspberry, among others in 2019.

Ann Arbor Distilling’s Water Hill Currant Liqueur and Water Hill Cherry Liqueur are both bottled at 40 proof (20% ABV) and are available for purchase in the distillery’s tasting room as well as bars and restaurants across Michigan.

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Ann Arbor Distilling’s Water Hill Currant Liqueur & Water Hill Cherry Liqueur

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