Bud Light to Launch Bridgerton Hard Selzter Line - Or Perhaps Not

According to a Bud Light post on Twitter and Elite Daily Bud Light is teasing a Bridgerton-themed hard seltzer.

“Bud Light took to Twitter and Instagram on March 31 to introduce a new hard seltzer pack called the Really Really Retro pack. Maybe it’s just me, but between the elegant packaging and flavor names like Afternoon Tea and Queen Cake, the collection is seriously giving Bridgerton vibes. But don’t get your hopes up just yet — the brand teased the new sip just one day before April Fools’ Day, which is pretty suspicious timing. Either way, Bud Light’s Bridgerton-inspired hard seltzer will make you hope it’s not a joke.”

With this in mind we are considering changing the focus of DistilleryTrail.com from the same-ole bourbon and rye whiskey stories to something with a bit more flavor and flair, hard seltzer.

We look forward to seeing you out on the SeltzerTrail.com. Cheers!

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