Catoctin Creek Distillery Owners Becky and Scott Harris at Bar

Your distillery’s been open for a few years, things are going well, you’re doing all you can do to keep up with demand and you decide it’s time to expand. You can go out on your own to find additional capital for growth or you can look for a partner to help. Catoctin Creek Distilling Company in Purcellville, Virginia has chosen the latter by announcing that Constellation Brands has acquired a minority stake in the distillery.

Catoctin Creek was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Becky and Scott Harris. Becky graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in chemical engineering. She worked at several other companies that specialized in industrial processes and production systems before putting her skills to work in the distillery. Scott spent most of his years building software in telecommunications and government IT solutions before trading it all in to start the distillery.

Catoctin Creek Distillery says the investment will provide the company with new capital to grow production, marketing, and to provide more jobs in Virginia.

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“We created Catoctin Creek to produce award-winning 100% rye single-barrel whisky entirely from grain to glass,” remarked Becky Harris, the president and chief distiller of Catoctin Creek.  “In order to expand our production and portfolio, we needed the right partner for the next level of growth. Constellation has a strong commitment to this category, and with their expertise and support, we look forward to bringing our Virginia whisky to the world with the same team and exceptional product quality.”

“As we continue to invest in and explore the high-end craft whisky segment, we are excited to partner with Catoctin Creek – producers of authentic and award-winning products that provide us with deeper knowledge of emerging opportunities,” said Ben Dollard, chief growth officer, Constellation Brands. “Working with passionate entrepreneurs like Becky and Scott Harris allows Constellation Brands to support and accelerate their growth while staying at the forefront of the evolving alcoholic beverage landscape.”

“We are excited about our future in craft spirits,” remarked Scott Harris, founder and general manager of the distillery.  “When we started, our core mission was to produce the finest rye whisky possible.  Constellation understands that core mission, and shares our business values.”

Fisher & Company, of Menlo Park, California, initiated the transaction and advised Catoctin Creek in closing the deal with Constellation.  The core management team of Scott and Becky Harris, who founded the distillery in 2009, will remain the same.

The company expects to begin expansion in early 2017.

Catoctin Creek Distillery - Craft Spirits - Rye, Whiskey, Gin
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And if you are struggling with how to pronounce Catoctin Creek, you are not alone. Here’s a helpful video that will solve the riddle for you or make it worse, you decide.

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Cover photo courtesy of Kristin Dill
Stills photo courtesy of David Buchanan

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