Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka

Deep Eddy Vodka, American-made straight vodka, has announced an expanded partnership with Southwest Airlines. Deep Eddy Ruby Red joins Deep Eddy Vodka as an in-flight offering beginning March 1, 2018.

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka - 50ml Nip
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Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka – 50ml Nip.

The two Texas-based brands took flight together September 1, 2017, launching Deep Eddy to new heights among Southwest’s passengers. The popularity of the Original 80-proof vodka paved the way for Deep Eddy Ruby Red, the brand’s highest-selling flavor made with all-natural grapefruit juice.

“Deep Eddy Vodka was created to bring people together in carefree, good times and we are thrilled for more fun opportunities to do just that,” said John Scarborough, President of Deep Eddy Vodka.  “We look forward to continuing this partnership with Southwest in the skies to create moments that bring people together.”

Both Deep Eddy and Southwest are known as differentiators in their respective categories, offering refreshingly unique experiences to their customers. Since the brand’s launch in 2010, Deep Eddy has grown to more than one million cases and continues to invigorate the vodka category with its innovative approach. Deep Eddy is ten times column-distilled in small batches, gluten free and uses only the finest natural ingredients.

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“Southwest Airlines is thrilled to add another product from the Deep Eddy family to our onboard drink offerings,” said Steven Murtoff, Senior Director of Inflight Operations Onboard Experience & Policy for Southwest Airlines. “We are committed to providing our Customers the best onboard experience, and our beverage menu just got sweeter with the addition of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka.”

Featured on in-flight menus, Deep Eddy Vodka and Deep Eddy Ruby Red may be purchased for $7.00 with a major credit or debit card or valid Southwest drink coupon in Southwest’s cashless cabins.

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