Whiskey, Rye & Gin Monopoly Boards

Throughout one’s life we’ve all played board games as a kid. Then there’s typically a lull in activity until you go off to college or maybe you have kids of your own. Then you rediscover board games and the ‘when I was a kid’ stories start. Maybe when you were a kid you imagined creating your own board game or wishing you could change just a few things to make the game better, a new twist on an old classic. I always wanted to swap out the lead pipe with a baseball bat, a Louisville Slugger, just sayin’.

Now, the enterprising husband and wife team of Max and Janet Allen in the UK have updated the classic Monopoly board with a new theme – Whiskey, Rye and Gin. What better way to renew a love affair with the old board game than to replace Park Place with 23 Year Old Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon or instead of Free Parking you get a Free Shot or instead of the dreaded Go to Jail you landed on Go to a Dry County – horrors!

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CustoMonopoly has done just this; they’ve created custom monopoly board game prints with distilled spirits themes. You’ll recognize most of the brands on the board. Your favorite whiskey, rye or gin brand not there? No problem, you can create a custom monopoly board with the brands of your choice on the board.

There are three distilled spirits monopoly boards available off the shelf. Not into spirits? There are many other choices including Beer, Bond – James Bond, Pubs of Castle Rock and more.

U.S. Whiskey and Rye Monopoly Board

The Whiskey and Rye board features, Bourbon, Kentucky Whiskey, Sour Mash and Tennessee Rye. It also shows four distilleries and other quirks that will appeal to any Bourbon lover and may even convert those that aren’t! Prints sell for about $50 plus shipping. You can change one to eight squares for an additional fee or create a completely custom board for about $125.

Click on each of the images below to see them full size.

The Gin Monopoly Board

The Gin Monopoly Board print is what got the company started. After the Gin design was released, the response led to the creation of the website and in turn, a central point of sale. The print features an array of gins from across the globe, from old established favorites to small batch distillers.

Scottish Gin Monopoly Board

Feedback from the original Gin Edition and the explosion of Scottish Gin distilleries in recent years is what started this board. It features both new and old Scottish Gins.

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