This tasty experiential cocktail is from the creative mixologists at Down One Bourbon bar in Louisville, KY.  For this cocktail, Down One smokes the glass by blow torching a used bourbon barrel stave, setting the hay on the stave until it catches fire, then placing the glass over the hay. This captures the smoke under the clear glass. You might want to look around for a fire extinguisher before you get started. Oh, and warn the others in your party that this is happening just in case you set off the smoke detector. Not saying I did this mind you, just sayin’, be prepared. “The smell of the charred oak and the hay makes it smell like a campfire, like roasted marshmallow” according to Assistant General Manager Beth Burrows.

‘7 Across the Board’ – The name is based on a favorite bet at Churchill Downs race track.

Torch a used bourbon barrel stave and quickly add hay.

 Cover immediately with a clear glass.


  • 2 ounces Bourbon
  • 1 ounces Blackberry Puree
  • 1 ounces Raspberry-Sage simple syrup
  • Handful of Timothy Hay  (This is real hay from Churchill Downs but you can use any fresh hay.)
  • 1 ice ball sphere
    • Save


  • Combine all ingredients and shake with ice.
  • Strain into Quartino carafe.
    • Save
  • Cover carafe with ice ball on top.
  • Light a Bourbon Barrel Oak Stave with a brule torch
    • Save
     until it catches fire.
  • Immediately place a bundle of Timothy Hay (from Churchill Downs) on the flame and quickly cover the fire with a large rocks glass, extinguishing the flame and capturing the smoke.
  • Serve guest the Oak Stave with Quartino and the glass still smoking.
  • Have your guest pick up and turn over the glass to let the smoke escape.
  • Pour the ice sphere and cocktail directly into the glass.
  • And wallah, there you have the “7 Across the Board!”


You can enjoy the entire Bourbon Living video episode or jump to the “7 Across the Board” recipe at about 3 minutes to learn how to serve this experiential cocktail.

Flip your smoked glass over, pour the ice and cocktail directly into the glass. Watch the look on your guests faces and enjoy!

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